Juvenile alcoholism: what should I do?

Juvenile alcoholism: what should I do?

Alcohol is tried practically by all people, generally at rather early age. Teenage alcoholism it is simpler to warn, than to treat, but it is necessary to work at the same time very carefully.

Youth errors

If you for the first time saw the child drunk, you should not sound the alarm. It happens to everyone sooner or later, and how you will behave, depends as there will be its relations with alcohol. First of all, it is necessary to calm down, not to snatch on the child, giving lectures about harm of alcohol. In state of intoxication he just will not apprehend all the same most part of your words, and here your emotional splash will remember for a long time.

Surely give to the child enough tablets of activated carbon if there is a need, make washing of a stomach. If the condition of the child causes concerns to you, call the doctor.

It is better to leave a conversation about harm of alcohol for the morning. Do not impose a conversation if your child is not ready to it, but at the same time do not give it indulgences, surely send the child to school or in institute, if necessary give it an anesthetic tablet. The condescension in this question can lead to negative consequences further. Beginning a conversation about alcohol, do not take an infallibility position. Quietly explain to the child, than frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks at early age and in general threatens. Show understanding, do not condemn the child, do not give it estimates, you can speak only about the act.

When to begin to worry

If the situation repeats several times, it is time to begin to be anxious. Single alcohol intake can be explained with curiosity, systematic consumption of alcohol is already disturbing trend. Think what is not enough for your child of the house and that he looks for in alcohol. At this stage it is possible and it is necessary to descend to the family psychologist, the earlier you will reach the reasons for which your child regularly takes alcohol, the it will be simpler to cope with this situation. If during consultations you learn that the child drinks for the company, try to explain to him that in the future similar practice can lead to unpleasant consequences. Without nerves, quietly once again tell him about harm of alcohol, about its impact on development of an organism. If situations proceed, you can try to take away the child from the company having bad impact on him. If the reason of the regular consumption of alcohol in something else, it needs to be eliminated. Constant consultations, support groups and other widespread practicians will help your child to cope with such dependence. Suggest it to do sports or art, various circles fill the child's life, without leaving to it time for harmful classes, but it is possible to do it only if you work on alcohol addiction of your child other means.

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