Lachrymation at the newborn: reasons

Lachrymation at the newborn: reasons

Young mothers, as a rule, know that newborn children normal should have no tears. Usually tears begin to be developed at children only by third month of life. For this reason the increased lachrymation of eyes at the kid should not remain unaddressed parents, inducing them to the immediate address to the pediatrician


The causes of dacryagogue at the newborn

One of the most common causes of the similar phenomenon at kids in the first weeks of life is the impassability of plaintive channels. During stay in mother's womb at the child the exhaust outlet of a plaintive and nasal channel is closed by a thin jellylike film which at birth has to burst. In case it does not occur, and the film remains, the passability of slezootvodyashchy ways is broken, tears begin to accumulate.

Conjunctivitis can be one more cause of lachrymation of eyes at newborns. This disease at babies happens quite seldom, but if it developed, then, most likely, infection took place in process of childbirth when the kid passed on patrimonial ways. At bacterial conjunctivitis the eyes of the child conceive to sour and often after awakening because of the accumulated sticky allocations it becomes impossible to open them.

Besides bacteria, viruses or an allergy can provoke developing of this disease. At viral conjunctivitis the plentiful plaintive allocations are combined with hypostasis a century. The child can have a burning sensation in a sore eye, the light sensitivity also appears, it becomes whimsical and whining. Conjunctivitis of allergic character is expressed by the swelling a century raised by lachrymation of eyes and also a pronounced itch. This disease can be provoked by house household chemicals or hair of pets. Besides, the lachrymation of eyes can appear at a common catarrhal disease as one of the shown disease symptoms. However it is easy to distinguish it from other diseases as it most often is followed by painful feelings in a throat, sneezing, cold and congestion of a nose. Among other things, emergence of tears in the baby can be caused by the foreign object which got into an eye or a trauma which the child could put himself independently.

Treatment of lachrymation of eyes

If you noticed that at the newborn of the baby one or both eyes water, it is necessary to address the children's ophthalmologist urgently. Only the expert can establish the true reason of similar manifestation and to appoint the corresponding treatment. At best – it can be simple washing of eyes or massage, and in the worst – more radical measures consisting in sounding of the plaintive and nasal channel.

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