Medals for children as a stimulus in education of the child

Medals for children as a stimulus in education of the child

Encouragement is an important part of educational process. It is important to praise the child for achievements in various spheres and it is necessary for the purpose of development in it in the future of the correct self-assessment and ability to interact harmoniously with people around.

Medals for children as a stimulus in education of the child

When parents try to achieve from the child of obedience influences, as a rule, use various methods. Manipulations and punishments traditionally are considered as the main instruments of influence on children. However there are methods which were more sparing for children's mentality. One of them – encouragement with medals, diplomas, diplomas, etc. The medal wins first place as its receiving stimulates the child on creative and sports achievements in this row.

Medals for children of younger age

At children of 3-6 years the feeling of identity is already rather well developed. The kid understands that he is a part of collective in which it is possible to be distinguished from peers. Naturally, for this purpose it is necessary to make something better, than others. In such situations of a medal become irreplaceable attribute for tutors. Original colourful registration – the main condition in order that the child remembered delivery of a medal for a long time. Images of amusing animals, popular heroes from cartoons and national fairy tales will undoubtedly please the kid. It is possible to learn preferences of the child in advance.

If you decided to use medals as encouragement in house education, it is necessary to remember several simple rules. First, you should not praise the child for insignificant achievements. So you will reduce motivation and will develop a habit to be promoted for necessary daily actions. Secondly, you store medals in the place, inaccessible for the child, otherwise pleasant feelings from a surprise will be spoiled. Thirdly, explain to the child that you allocate it from a circle of others for certain achievements. On medals for children of younger age there can be inscriptions "To the Most Courageous", "To the Cleverest", "To the Fastest", etc.

Medals for children of middle age

In 7-12 years children are capable to realize the place in collective and try to be allocated with all ways from lump. They know the advantages and seek to realize them in different areas. Encouragement by means of a medal at such age will be the excellent decision. Parents best of all know a focus of interest of the child therefore it is worth trying to make independently a medal in house conditions. For this purpose it is enough to study several master classes which are in open access on various websites on needlework. If you paste the photo of your child on a medal, it will be a pleasant surprise. Make an album for storage of medals. So memories of feats and achievements will be kept in one place and to remind of the pleasant moments. Moreover, demonstration of the got medals before people around considerably will raise a self-assessment of your son or daughter.

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