Why child uncontrollable

Why child uncontrollable

Parents cannot sometimes cope with the child. But the uncontrollability the child can be caused by several reasons. To understand in these the reasons and to understand how to behave with a small hurricane some advice will help.

Hyperactivity syndrome

The child almost continuously "costs on the head", all the time aimlessly moves, asks questions, but does not listen to the answer, interrupts. There can be it and would like to restrain, but cannot.

In that case it is necessary to realize that the child not easy " behaves badly" or "does to spite". Perhaps, he is sick. See a doctor for receiving consultation about subtleties of education (treatment) of such child. In return, observe a day regimen, more often be to the child in the fresh air. Talk to the son or the daughter measuredly and without irritation, do not allow overexcitation.

Connivance of parents

Adults preach total freedom in education, but in practice it often is wrapped in the fact that the child knows no limit. And, facing the ban, can arrange a hysterics or just ignore it. Parents try not to notice such behavior as long as possible, but they are persistently spoken about it by acquaintances, the family, tutors and teachers.

It is time to change the position and to understand that the task of parents is to teach the child to rules of conduct in society. Freedom of one should not stir lives of other people. Be not afraid to be reasonably exacting, respect for discipline will help the son or the daughter to develop restraint and self-checking.


The child is healthy and perfectly knows rules in the theory, but often does not wish to observe them in practice. Unexpectedly he can make a row in shop or on a visit.

At this moment it is necessary to switch quickly the child from overindulgence to mental activity: to distract the interesting topic of conversation or to ask an unexpected question. The little rascal is more senior than five years it is possible to put on a chair that thought over behavior (to stand in the corner or it is not necessary to lock in the room). Speak a situation with the child later and remind him of rules. The system of encouragement will help. For example, if the son or the daughter behaved well, you attach the smiling smilie magnet on the fridge if it is bad - sad. Five cheerful mugs — the child wins a prize or a gift.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team