Norms of growth of children

Norms of growth of children

In spite of the fact that all children grow in individual speed, there are norms of indicators of growth for each age group. The nobility follows their parents, first, in due time to reveal and correct a problem with health if it is, and secondly to buy to the child clothes of the necessary size.


1. For determination of norm of growth the pediatricians use tsentilny tables. Also any parent will be able to interpret their data if understands by what principle they are constructed. For example, for the newborn girl growth rate in a tsentilny interval of 3% is 45.8 cm. It means that only 3% of female babies do not reach at the birth of this growth. Also in the table tsentilny intervals of 10, 25, 50, 75 and 97 percent are used. If the value of growth of your child in certain age got to indicators of a 25-75 percentage tsentilny interval, so you have nothing to worry as length of a body of the kid is normal. If indicators got to an interval of 3-25% or 75-97%, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Perhaps, in your family all high then for the child the advancing of peers will be absolutely normal. However deviations of indicators of growth it can be connected with violations in functioning of a hypophysis that can define in due time and if necessary correct only the expert.

2. Your pediatrician can use corridors of development of the child for assessment of growth of your child. In total allocate 8 corridors, and norm the interval with 3 on 5 is considered. Values of these indicators get to the framework of 25-75 percentage tsentilny intervals which is already described earlier. If you gave birth to the girl of 51 cm in height that she corresponds to the 4th corridor of development and indicators of a tsentilny interval of 50%, it does not mean that she has to get also further to this norm. Growth, as well as other indicators, depends on a set of factors: genetic predisposition, quantity coming to an organism of the substances necessary for its development, health in general. If during any period of a deviation made 1 corridor or a tsentilny interval, you should not worry. But it is necessary to monitor sharp changes of an indicator of growth and to report about it to the doctor.

3. Tabular values of growth at girls are a little lower, than at boys. Therefore when comparing indicators of your child with data of intervals pay attention for what children of a floor the table is made.

4. For the girl the norm of growth at the birth is 49.8-52 cm, in 3 months – 57.6-60.7 cm, in half a year – 64.1-67.1 cm, in 1 year – 72.8-75.8 cm, in 1.5 years – 78.9-82.1 cm, in 2 years – 83.3-87.5 cm, in 3 years – 93-98.1 cm, in 4 years – 98.5-104.1 cm, in 5 years – 104.7-110.7 cm, in 6 years – 110.9-118 cm, in 7 years – 116.9-124.8 cm.

5. For boys the similar rates will be: at the birth – 49.8-52.3 cm, in 3 months – 58.1-60.9 cm, in 6 months – 64.8-67.7 cm, in 1 year – 74-77.3 cm, in 1.5 years – 79.8-73.9 cm, in 2 years – 84.5-89 cm, in 3 years – 92.3-99.8 cm, in 4 years – 98.3-105.5 cm, in 5 years – 104.4-112 cm, in 6 years - 110.9-118.7 cm, in 7 years – 116.8-125 cm.

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