How to approach the child

How to approach the child

Owing to certain reasons to achieve proximity between parents and children happens very not easy. Anyway it is necessary to aspire to being for the child the closest people, really till a certain moment closer it can have no people. There are several useful tips, following which, it is possible to begin to really closer to the child.


1. It is necessary to understand himself. It is impossible to recognize other person, without having understood itself. On it time, of course, will leave, but it is necessary to make similar.

2. It is necessary to be ready to all difficult situations which will occur in the relations with the child. You should not perceive these events as tragedies. It is important to understand that when you together find a way out of unpleasant situations, you find proximity with own kid, you know it better.

3. It is important to earn trust of the child, always to be with it extremely honest. Children very sharply feel falseness and can perceive it as a certain treachery. It in family should not be, once you are the most open, and the child will answer you with the same.

4. It is not necessary to perceive the child only as pupil, he can teach much the parents too, just these lessons need to be accepted seriously and to analyze them.

5. Of course, modern parents spend the most part of time at work therefore it is so important to happen to the child more often. It is necessary to find time for just to communicate or take a walk with the kid in any busy schedule. Joint pastime very much brings together.

6. Parents are those people who in any situation will believe in the child. Their belief has to be unshakable and unconditional, at the same time the child has to feel it, he needs to speak about it and not to hesitate of it.

7. The child cannot be compared to others, it is a huge mistake which strongly restrains vanity of the kid. Begins to seem to it that it is insufficiently good, there is a mass of complexes with which it is almost impossible to cope. It, naturally, not in the best way affects proximity in the relations with parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team