What forage to choose for cats?

What forage to choose for cats?

The dry feed for animals is popular thanks to a number of advantages. First of all such food is very convenient as it can lie a long time in a bowl, without losing in quality. Thanks to special processing in a stern many useful substances remain. It is important to know what to choose cat food as low-quality products, can be dangerous to animals, causing development of many problems with health.

What dry cat food to choose?

Upon purchase of such product first of all it is necessary to pay attention to a forage class as it indicates its structure and quality.

  1. Economy class forage. Already from the name it is clear that the price of such product the lowest. In it there is neither meat, nor nutrients. The only purpose of such forage is to satisfy hunger of an animal. Such forages enter this category: Kitiket, Meow, Whiskas and Friskies. Finding out what cat food to choose, we will address councils of veterinarians which do not recommend to give such product to the animals as the main food as it can do much harm to health of the pet.
  2. Premium class stern. In such product there is already in structure a meat, but also different additives are also available. Such forages will not damage health animal any more. For those whom interests what forage to choose for cats of a premium class, it is worth paying attention to the following brands: Royal Canin, Hills, etc.
  3. Stern of a super premium class. If finance allows, then choose the forages entering this category as quality nutrients are their part. Content of dyes and chemicals is minimum. Enter into this group of forages: Bosch SANABELLE, ProNature Holistic, etc.
  4. Class stern holistik. These are the best options, but many do not even know, about such group of food for animals. These forages choose for thoroughbred animals who are grown up in nursery. As they do not contain fragrances, some animals can simply refuse such food. Belongs to this category: Holistic, Innova, etc.


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