What conditioner to choose?

What conditioner to choose?

With approach of hot weather demand for the climatic equipment for apartments and offices strongly increases: conditioners and Split system. The solution of a question, what conditioner to choose, can become a difficult task as in shops it is possible to see a huge number of models of various producers, the different power and design.

What power to choose the conditioner to the apartment?

The first what it is worth paying attention at acquisition of the conditioner to the apartment to, is, of course, its cooling power. At once it is necessary to tell that the cooling and power consumption is not the same. Power consumption is usually 2-3 times lower, than cooling therefore it is easily possible to calculate that the 700 kW conditioner has the cooling ability approximately of 2000 kW.

At the decision what conditioner it is better to choose for the apartment, it is necessary to pick up such model which power will be sufficient for cooling of the area of the apartment or the separate room where this device will be installed. On average, with a height of ceiling about 3 meters on each 10 sq.m of the room 1 kW cooling conditioner capacities is required. Operating with these figures, it is easy to calculate the necessary power of the conditioner. Too weak device will not cope with the task while it too strong, though will perfectly cool the room, will consume at the same time much more electric power.

What conditioner to choose for the house?

The arrangement of the conditioner can be also various. Those which are inserted into a window opening or a window leaf are most convenient and simple in installation. More difficult in installation a Split system which have two blocks: one – suspended, mounted on a wall or the rooftop, another – internal. The internal block can be located on a floor, on a wall or on a ceiling. Where it will hang, it is better to think over in advance, at a stage of repair of the room, then it will be possible to remove all wires, necessary for connection, in the hidden way. Thus, the arrangement of the conditioner depends on your design preferences and construction features of the device. Also when choosing the place for the conditioner it should be taken into account that the cold air going from it can become the cause of catarrhal diseases. Therefore it is better to have it so that the place for sitting and furthermore the berth was not directly on the way of the air stream given by the conditioner. It is better to direct the device to a door of the room or to a wall, opposite to a bed.


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