Who such bore

Who such bore

Probably, fate at least once brought together almost each person with people from whom there is a wish to run away quicker. And it is not so rude, ill-bred boors. They can be polite, educated people. But communication with them causes at best yawning, and in the worst – undisguised disappointment, even rage. It are bores.

What the bore is

There is a lot of types of bores. Here, for example, the bore pedant who is sacredly sure that any thing in the house has to take strictly allocated place and all cups in a crockery locker are turned in a certain party that their handles were parallel each other. And God forbid to his members of household to violate this rule! The bore will explain long and importunately how it is important that cups were placed thus. What importance consists in, only he and knows.

The bore pedant is sincerely sure that any person is obliged to be exact and accurate, and gives a hostile reception to any attempt to overpersuade him.

Or, for example, the bore gossip who knows all of residents of his house. Who with what is busy in free time, who what transfers watches on TV, who fools around, and for whom promotion waits. It in detail spreads all these invaluable data to anyone: to the colleague, relative or casual fellow traveler.

Very hard case – the bore whiner staying in a constant depression. He sincerely considers himself the unfortunate person. Nobody loves houses, at work nobody appreciates, the computer constantly freezes up because of mean hackers, weather worse than ever, in shop regularly palm off expired products. The bore whiner in detail tells about all these misfortunes to any listener, in hope that he will be regretted, sympathized.

If the bore whiner does not get pity, he plunges into a depression even more.

The bore clever man is better for the little. Quite often he has encyclopedic knowledge and infallible memory. And at the same time considers the sacred debt to share the knowledge, "to present" anyone with huge volumes of information, including highly specialized, interesting only to a limited circle of people. He does not even ask a question: and whether it is necessary to the interlocutor whether he is interested in such subject.

How to avoid bores

To communicate with such people – very doubtful pleasure. Therefore if the bore is not among your relatives, it is the best of all not to maintain any relations with him at all. If he after all "caught" you, try to stop a conversation as soon as possible. "I am very busy, I hurry, I have no time!" - also you leave. Be not afraid to seem impolite, tactless. If you were lucky to have the close relative bore, learn to translate quickly his attention to other subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team