What airbrush to choose for painting of a car?

What airbrush to choose for painting of a car?

The principle of action of a painting gun was invented even long before emergence of the first car. Then the effect of dispersion was applied in the medical sphere, and later it removed also to industrial production. Today it is possible to find various airbrushes in sale with a price range from several dozen to several thousand dollars. What airbrush to choose for painting of a car – in this article.

Systems of dispersion

Are divided by this criterion of the device on:

  1. HP is high pressure. It is the classics among sprays working with a pressure at an exit of the spraying head in the range of 1.2-1.5 atm. Pressure on an entrance varies within 2.5-5 atm. The device quickly and evenly applies painting material, economically spending air, but the percent of transfer of paint does not reach also 50%, and it means that more than a half of raw materials will turn into fog and will settle around. Besides, after painting the surface needs to be polished and polished.
  2. HVLP is high volume with a low pressure. Those who is interested how to choose an airbrush for painting of a car are recommended to pay attention to this system with high extent of atomization and a stable form of a torch. It acts as a guarantee of excellent result when coloring. Transfer of material on a surface reaches 65%, but there is also a shortcoming – the powerful compressor with a high performance is necessary.
  3. LVLP is low volume with a low pressure. The system saves both air, and paint, and let process be more enduring, work is possible also when using the weak compressor. Besides, on the painted surface the smaller dirtiness is noted.
  4. LVMP is low volume with an average pressure. Those who asks how to choose a pneumatic airbrush for painting of a car should consider this system of average pressure which allowed to achieve high rates of performance of painting works. During the work the paint and varnish structure lays down a thin layer with the minimum presence of particles of dust and garbage. Material transfer process quite decent, besides at some models the arrangement of the union combined that is very convenient.
  5. RP is the lowered pressure. Provides the thinnest dispersion without stains and roughnesses, but it is better to use paints and varnishes with the low content of solvents. The system differs in small consumption of air, a standard, dense torch and high speed of work. From shortcomings it is possible to note contamination of the painted surface and difficult working conditions in hot season.
  6. HTE is high efficiency of transfer. Those who asks a question what budgetary airbrush to choose for painting of a car should look at this device creating a qualitative basic covering and capable to work with modern materials. The tool has the small weight, the reduced air consumption, high coefficient of transfer and the increased resistance to influence of hostile environment.

Of course, it does not make sense to buy expensive device on one-two times. In this case it is better to look narrowly at the Chinese airbrushes for painting of a car and what to choose from them, now we will tell. First of all to pick up it to the available compressor: the need of the device for air has to be below operating parameters of the last. As for the nozzle size, its diameter has to be that less, than paint grain is less. The ideal decision – purchase of an airbrush with a replaceable set of nozzles. Besides, there are electric devices, and there are pneumatic. The last are suitable for professionals more.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team