How to design kitchen

How to design kitchen

Original design projects of kitchens are calculated, as a rule, on rather big squares. But how to design kitchen if the sizes of the room do not allow to place bar counters and other modern designs there, and even the minimum set of household appliances is located there hardly? Having armed with tape measure and pencil it is possible to develop independently the project of the kitchen which is ideally fitting into your room.


1. Measure length and height of walls of kitchen. Define location of kitchen - direct or angular. Think over and draw the detailed plan of kitchen. Consider all niches, corners, pipes and ledges which are available indoors. It is possible to draw the detailed plan of kitchen both on Whatman paper, and about use of special computer programs.

2. Begin to design with the lower number of cabinets It is necessary to consider that standard floor cabinets have height of 85 cm, depth from 45 to 50 cm. Width of cabinets can be 80, 60, 40 or 30 cm. Cabinets with width of 40 and 30 cm are used, as a rule, for drawers. It is considered that drawers it is much more convenient in operation, than cabinets with doors. Curbstone width under washing can be both 80, and 60 cm, depending on the area of your kitchen.

3. Designate desirable installation sites of washing, the cooking panel, dishwashing and washing machines, oven and the fridge on the plan. When planning it is necessary to consider that the kitchen equipment has to fit into the working area of future kitchen competently. The dish and washing machine it is recommended to arrange near washing. The main work area is recommended to be arranged between washing and the cooking panel. And, the total length of surface of working space has to be in range from 3 to 6 meters. The oven and the cooking panel should not adjoin to the fridge.

4. Start designing hinged shkafovpr it should be considered that the distance between top and lower cabinets has to be near not less than 65 cm. Depth of wall cabinets should not exceed 30, and height - 71 cm. Cabinets with height of 35 cm can open both across, and down. Width of standard wall cabinets can be 30, 40, 60 or 80 cm. Kitchen extract it is necessary to arrange directly over cooking surface. The cabinet drying needs to be placed over washing.

5. Carefully count and check all sizes. Choose style, color, material of facades. Make the detailed list, having included accessories there. Make the order and wait for its performance. Collect new kitchen.

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