Obedient children

Obedient children

Eternal question as how to make so that the child grew up obedient? Actually simple question, but it is not so simple to turn it into reality. Clever, well-read parents sort of also have to have well well-mannered and obedient children, but even these factors not always play a positive role. It is possible to bring up in the child of the good person, but it is initially necessary to teach him to obedience.

Our weak arguments cause a habit in children what to obey adults at all and not necessarily. Of course, it is wine not of children, and ours. Requirements of adults have to sound accurately and with quiet notes in a voice. The child has to understand that if there was a phrase that untidy toys will be thrown out, then they have to disappear. That is he has to react: if was told to remove the room, means it is necessary to remove. The fear to lose favourite things, pushes them on a lot of things.

Naturally, than earlier to be engaged in education, that further it will be simpler. Since six-month-old age when the child eats and takes a spoon or favourite products from dictation, he already involuntarily obeys and carries out what to him is told by parents.

Surely there has to be a game in encouragement. It when, the kid plays, and mom gets cookies and says: "Who will quicker come running, that will receive, something tasty" , of course, the main condition, has to be, the fact that the child has no easy access to favourite sweets. He has to understand that except the adult, it will not be able to get it in any way.

If the child is capricious, and parents really have no time to take care of them, to play or execute that he wants, then a task of parents to cease to react to his requests. Try to explain to the kid that adults have sometimes important issues, and they cannot distract, and he already adult and independent therefore and can play.

The grown-up child already on call of parents, has to come, knowing what is so necessary, but not to receive sweet. At more advanced age it has to have personal duties which it has to carry out not only upon the demand of the parent but because he is obliged to do it. In it the independence has to develop.

The teenager, has to have a responsibility. To feel it fully, he has to learn to behave as the adult. To answer for what to it was charged, to track performance of duties at younger brothers and sisters. The price for a mistake is different and the child has to understand that non-performance is followed by punishment. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team