Technology of breath and relaxation during childbirth

Technology of breath and relaxation during childbirth

There are three periods of childbirth: disclosure period, period of exile and posledovy period. During the first period the neck of the uterus gradually reveals that is followed by fights. At first they almost painless, then everything accrue until the neck of the uterus reveals completely. Later there comes the period of exile of a fruit as it is called in obstetrics. The kid moves on patrimonial ways and is born on light. These two periods of childbirth - the most painful. The correct breath and other technicians of relaxation will help to relieve pain during the fights and to help the woman to give birth to the healthy kid.

So, the very first rule during childbirth is to forget about fear. The fear causes a spasm, everything contracts whereas it is on the contrary very important to future mom to relax and kind of to release pain. You should not be afraid, childbirth - natural process. Think more of the kid, of how you will enjoy the first meeting with it. If you not the opponent of partner childbirth, ask the husband or mom to stay with you in this crucial moment, with them to you will be quieter.

Learn to the correct breath together with the husband. On childbirth he will be able to prompt and breathe together with you if you forget or will distract.

The main help in relaxation is played by the correct breath. If you breathe correctly, your body relaxes, the fear does not allow your muscles to strain, lungs are saturated with oxygen and disclosure happens as it is necessary to it, gradually and softly. So far fights yet not painful, you breathe exactly and quietly, superficially. Try to have a rest or even to take a nap, ahead of t the hard work.

It is impossible to take a nap already? Means came it is time to accept vertical position. It is desirable to move all the time until attempts begin. The constant movement of the woman in labor in the first period of childbirth also promotes disclosure of a neck of the uterus. So, fights become stronger, it is a high time to apply the first type of breath. On a fight make a deep breath into three accounts, then for a second hold the breath, and a deep exhalation on six. Consider about yourself, it distracts from the notions of compulsion.

One more type of breath which you can apply, breath on pulse. Wait for the beginning of a fight, put a hand to yourself on a wrist and grope pulse. Now make a breath on four beating of the pulse, on four blows hold the breath and exhale on four too. Use any of these two types of breath what is more convenient to you.

Take in patrimonial chamber a player with favourite quiet music, it will help to pass away time and to distract. Study what essential oils have the calming effect and suit personally you. Apply on a wrist and occasionally inhale.

First labor usually lasts long enough, on average 12 hours. During this time it is possible to try various positions, to find the most suitable and comfortable pose for itself. The most effective pose - knee and elbow. It will help to facilitate pressure upon pelvic area which arises when passing the kid on patrimonial ways. Get up on all fours on a bed or a rug, lower elbows. Relax, doing rotary motions by a basin. If in patrimonial there is a ball for fitness, get up on hunkers and lean the elbows on it. Will help to preserve forces and just to be shaken, sitting on a ball. It is possible to make this position and standing, having leaned elbows on a wall. Perhaps, it will be convenient to you to embrace the partner for shoulders, having kind of hung on him, shaking hips here and there.

Ask the midwife to massage to you a waist or to stroke a stomach during the fight. It will help to appease pain. Movements have to be the lungs stroking from below up. Massage with a force a sacrum, a point on a waist.

When attempts begin, know that for one fight it will be necessary to be extinguished three times. Make the deepest breath, in all lungs, hold the breath and tuzhtes, air will not come to an end yet. Then again breath, and so on three times. When the fight comes to an end, smoothly exhale. During attempts happens that the head moves incorrectly and it is impossible to make an effort even if there is a strong wish. If the midwife told you about it, breathe like a dog. Short breath, short exhalation very often. That's all breath types which you need to know.

If during the breath training you begin to whirl the head, press the put palms as a mask to a nose and a mouth and breathe a little so, unpleasant feelings will disappear.

You remember to breathe on childbirth it is correct, you need to train every day. When you get into a stressful situation, it is not necessary to remember convulsively what to do, everything will turn out automatically. Carry out knee and elbow situation during pregnancy, it relieves waist pain. Practise every day with joyful thoughts of future child. Perceive childbirth not as torture, and as intensive work as a result of which there will be the most precious award - your wonderful kid. And during childbirth do not feel sorry for yourself, you remember that to the baby it is even heavier and more terrible than to you. Listen carefully to the midwife and the doctor to help the kid as it is possible more softly and more without serious consequences will appear on this light.

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