That teeth were healthy

That teeth were healthy

In life of each baby there is very painful and unpleasant period when dairy teeth begin to be cut through. That in the future there were no problems, parents have to be ready already when from a pink hillock on a gum of their kid the first tooth began to be cut through.

Planned survey at the stomatologist

Usually the first dairy teeth at kids begin to appear at the age of about 6-8 months. In a year at their child already about 6 pieces. During this period it is the best of all to visit for the first time the children's stomatologist and to undergo inspection. For what so early visit is necessary? The fact is that having visited the doctor, you will be able to exclude any diseases of teeth and an oral cavity and also to check quantity and a condition of milk teeth, to receive all necessary recommendations about care for them. And still the doctor will tell parents about what the child has to eat surely that teeth grew beautiful and healthy.

It is very important that the stomatologist could find approach to your child – then fear of a dental office in the future will not appear.

Artful caries

Caries can develop at children even at the age of about two years. And it is not necessary to ignore this disease, even considering that milk teeth all the same will drop out. From what will be milk teeth, also health of radical, second teeth depends.

The main reasons for early caries at children - unbalanced food and the wrong tooth care. To change a situation quite in your forces, it is necessary to add only to the menu the products rich with calcium and to impart to the child a useful habit to regularly brush teeth. It is necessary to support words with own example. Even such process has to cause pleasant emotions in the child: together choose a beautiful children's toothbrush and paste, buy a special sand watch for 3 minutes, it is necessary to brush so much teeth that they were healthy.

The correct bite without problems

According to researches of scientists, the children who are grown up on natural feeding have much less problems with a bite. If your child eats artificial mixes, it is recommended to choose nipples with a small opening. Then your kid will be able to train slowly muscles of the lower jaw and also various groups of muscles which are responsible for formation of a bite. Besides, it is necessary to forget about a dummy at the age of about 9 months and it is obligatory to disaccustom the child to addictions like biting of nails or sucking of a finger. Also timely introduction to a diet of a firm feeding up will be useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team