That the applied character means

That the applied character means

Often at school the pupils are given tasks to perform work of applied character. Mass media cover the applied researches directed to the solution of social and technical problems. However this expression is not rather popular in everyday life, and its sense is clear not to all.

Concrete result

Work of applied character means achievement of concrete result which will have practical application in life. In this case there is no need for theoretical justification and gaining experience. The main objective of work consists in production of really necessary and demanded further thing or subject.

For example, at a manual training children are often given tasks to perform work of applied character. Girls can ask to sew an apron or a tack which will be useful further in kitchen. Can give to boys an assignment to build the birds birdhouse, to make a stool or a box for tools. Everything that with success will be applicable in life, has applied character.

Practical decision

Scientific research which problems include the analysis of activity of specific industry and search of the most effective result have applied character. The first stage of such research means scientific statement of tasks and purposes of further work. Here the main problems have to be described, the facts and the main assumptions of the causes of any difficulties are presented. At what it is necessary to pay much attention to the correct statement of a problem as in most cases global difficulties can be only a consequence of the whole chain of insignificant circumstances. The purpose of an applied research to study a situation in general and to find the most optimal solution for a specific case. At the second investigation phase it is necessary to develop a certain model and to present the object of study as system and stage-by-stage transformation. In work all elements involved at the solution of a specific objective, their principles of construction and interaction have to be reflected. At the same time all parts of a single whole are obliged to be rational. Not creative approach, but search of the pragmatic decision which can be consolidated to simplification is at the head of work of applied character. At the third investigation phase there are tests of efficiency of the chosen model or the necessary decision and search of possible inaccuracies, failures and malfunctions. After a series of experiments and thorough study of the end result do corrections and eliminate the errors unnecessary a detail. At the end of work the universal model which passed tests has to turn out and it is ready for operation.

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