The best poses for conception of the child

The best poses for conception of the child

Conception has to bring only pleasure, but many couples feel tension and a stress at these moments. The best all will diversify the procedure of conception in a special way that it not only brought pleasures, but also was effective. There are most various poses in a bed which increase the probability of successful conception.

The man and the woman have to be in the corresponding mood and not pass a prelude when business concerns such important process as conception. Kisses and erotic massage stimulates erogenous zones and cause sexual excitement. Further it is possible to pass already to the direct choice of effective poses.

Experts consider that a "missionary" pose when the woman is from below, and the man from above, increases conception probability. This position of deep penetration, bigger proximity and intimacy between partners. The pose "like a dog" is considered a position of deep penetration and perfectly is suitable for conception. Besides, this situation causes an intensive orgasm in men. Thus, if you want to achieve successful conception, it is necessary to stop at least for a while on "classical" poses.

What unsuccessful poses for conception?

There are sexual positions which have negative effect on conception process as interfere with necessary penetration of spermatozoa. One of them – "the woman from above". All positions in which the woman will be from above are inefficient as at the same time the way to a neck of the uterus is blocked. Poses in which partners are sitting or standing, also interfere with sufficient penetration of spermatozoa.

The woman's orgasm is how important?

It is obvious that the men's orgasm is necessary for conception, but also the female orgasm can promote successful achievement of the goal. It well helps with process of an ovulation. At the same time the woman can quietly enjoy proximity with the partner. However, in spite of the fact that the female orgasm can promote successful conception, it is not necessary.

Additional councils

Some experts recommend to women to enclose a small pillow under hips. It is considered that thus spermatozoa achieve the objective quicker. Besides, experts consider that after sexual intercourse the woman should lie on a back within half an hour, it is desirable with a pillow under hips.

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