The girl in family: when to begin a prisazhivaniye?

The girl in family: when to begin a prisazhivaniye?

Disputes over an occasion of when it is possible to add the baby are still conducted. Opinion of some that so far the child will not sit down independently, it is impossible to add it. But there is also other position claiming that there is no harm in an early prisazhivaniye. Let's try to understand.

Why it is impossible?

The pediatricians having not one year of medical practice hold the first opinion. Also consider that you should not hurry the nature. Let the baby will sit down when the put term comes.

The muscles holding a human body in horizontal position at kids are insufficiently developed. And simply be not able to hold the child's back directly. Adding still the kid, physically not ready to such situation, all loading is automatically transferred to a backbone of the baby. It causes not easy discomfort, but also is fraught with spine injuries.

One more minus of an early prisazhivaniye – psychological discomfort. Being in unusual situation, the baby has sensation of fear.

When it is possible?

Desire to replace a habitual pose and to see the world from other situation arises most often at six-month-old children. At this age of a muscle of a press and people around a backbone already got stronger. The child is able to hold independently a back exactly, without needing an additional support. Half a year – that age after which pediatricians grant permission for disembarkation of the baby.  

How it is correct to do it?

There are several useful tips concerning a right prisazhivaniye of the girl:

  • It is impossible to use as a support under a back of the child of a pillow or rollers at all. The child has to at once get used to hold a back exactly, without leaning on extras.
  • It is the best of all for Prisazhivaniye to begin with the knees.
  • After ordinary daily gymnastics it is possible to make one more simple exercise. It is necessary to give to the child the forefingers and when the baby strong catches, it is necessary to help it to sit down. It is necessary to secure the child, but hands he at the same time does not need to be kept. When the baby is tired, itself will return to habitual situation. As a rule, several such trainings are quite enough that the girl could sit down without the aid of mom.
  • Six months – date conditional. Here all depends on development of the girl, her physical shape. And mom should not worry at all if the baby does not sit independently or opposite yet, sat down itself much earlier.

The delay can occur for many reasons, but the main – insufficiency of physical development. Daily classes will help to correct a situation. To prevent the child sit down also excess weight can. In this case the pediatrician will help to correct the menu of the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team