We learn not to shout at the child

We learn not to shout at the child

Often walking down the street, you face parents who loudly shout at the children: "Why your so dirty clothes? You what, you do not know how I am tired?". Children, without understanding why mothers shout at them, cry. They do not understand, than could anger the mom so strongly. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to shout slightly at the child, but it is necessary to know in what cases to do it.

If the child unintentionally broke something, unless it is an occasion to shout at it? And there are a lot of other situations when you do not irritate either yourself, or the kid. Better to explain to him why mom is dissatisfied with his behavior and to ask not to do more so, let will promise.

All mothers know that to bring up boys and girls it is necessary differently. The father has to be an example, the son will copy in the future his behavior. The girl shouts can be made cry, and in the future she will be diffident, and to her it will not add self-confidence.

Shout "breaks" children's mentality which still up to the end and was not created. Some children become reserved, others behave disgustingly: are rude, snap and so on. Parents do not hold authority with such children.

If to restrain it did not turn out, and you shouted at the child, then it is necessary to explain to him for what, the kid can think that you do not love it any more. Talking to the child, it is possible to achieve good result – it will bring together you. It is not necessary to shout for any fault, the child will not want to study anything new, being afraid of the fact that for failure the parents will start over again offending him.

If something is impossible to the kid, then it is necessary just to direct him in the necessary direction. Let him feel that parents will always support him. It is necessary to respect the child, and it is unimportant, how old is he.

When there is no forces to tolerate bad behavior of the child before shouting at it, it is necessary to warn him about it: "If you do not calm down now, then I can abuse inadvertently you". The child will understand that it is not necessary to disturb mom when she in such state.

Breaking mentality to the child since childhood, parents complicate to it life. Such children solve all problems with the help of fists and abuse. Children should be loved and then they will answer you with the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team