What animal can be chosen for the child

What animal can be chosen for the child

Communication with dumb animals teaches kindness, sympathy and compassion. Pets make the child more responsible as for the pet the permanent care is necessary – from cleaning of a tray or a cage before walking on the street. Pets often become some kind of psychotherapists who in confidence can tell about the experiences for the child, and in reply to receive a little caress – the animal always feels mood and can be rubbed about legs or lick in a cheek. What animal can be chosen as the favourite pet?

The speaking birds

The parrot capable to talk will become the excellent decision for the child with violations of the speech. Training a bird in words and phrases, the child himself will begin to talk better. It is optional to buy expensive bird as even budgerigars can talk. They are capable to repeat separate words and short phrases and if to try, it is possible to teach them to read verses.


It is considered that it is rather easy to look after cats as it is required to accustom them to a tray only. Cats are capable to save from stresses, uneasiness and nervousness therefore they are recommended to bring for cocky or hyperactive children. It is only necessary to consider that cats are beings independent and capricious therefore it is not necessary to take them in the house if the child still very small as during the game it can anger the pet, and is in reply scratched.


Preschool children as pets will suit hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas. They can be ironed, picked up or just to watch their life, rodents constantly do something. But it is necessary to remember that such pets can bite or scratch, they do not like an excessive tiskanye. Besides, rodents are most often active at night, and in the afternoon they sleep off therefore to leave a cage in the room of the child it will not turn out, constantly it is necessary to transfer it to the place where pets will not disturb anybody and life expectancy at rodents not really big therefore it is necessary to be ready to sad parting.

Aquarium fishes

Not the most widespread species of pets as it is only possible to watch them and to stroke them or it is impossible to play with them. But small fishes have one advantage – they develop observation and calm. Besides, they teach an order, it is constantly necessary to look after an aquarium.

Dog – the best friend of the person

As soon as at the child the feeling of empathy (usually it occurs by 5-7 years) develops, it is possible to get a puppy. The dog especially suits the constraining and closed children as during training and submission of a puppy to the will the child becomes more self-assured and more courageous. For children's health there will be a certain advantage too, it is necessary to walk and play with a dog often, and physical activity in the fresh air - the best means for strengthening of immunity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team