What documents are necessary for an ofrmleniye of a lump sum

What documents are necessary for an ofrmleniye of a lump sum

The lump sum upon the birth of the child can be received within half a year from the date of its birth, in the sum determined by the law, having at itself a simple set of documents.

It is required to you

  • This type of a grant can be issued and received within half a year since the birth of the child, having at itself a simple set of documents.
  • Statement addressed to your head.
  • The reference of F-24 issued in a local REGISTRY OFFICE.
  • Birth certificate of the child + copy.
  • The reference that the second parent in the place this grant did not get the job.


1. When both parents are officially employed, it is necessary to be defined, which of them will receive these benefits in the place of the work. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to request in accounts department the certificate that one of parents did not receive benefits. That is if it is decided that the grant is made out on herself by the wife, the husband in the place of work requests the reference that he did not receive these benefits. In case one of parents does not work, then such reference can be requested in local social security authority of the population. On its registration from three to five working days leave.

2. With discharge from maternity hospital in which date of birth of the child is specified his floor and other information and also with passports of both parents it is necessary to address in a local REGISTRY OFFICE for obtaining two documents: certificates of F-24 of the birth of the child and birth certificate. Please note that by the time of the address to the REGISTRY OFFICE it is necessary to decide on a name of the kid which is entered in the birth certificate and passports of parents. At the same time if the husband and the wife, being in official marriage, have different surnames, both of them should go to the REGISTRY OFFICE. The fact is that employees of this institution should have no doubts what surname is decided to be given to the child. If spouses have one surname, someone can process these documents one in the presence of the passport and the passport of the spouse/spouse. No additional powers of attorney are required. The reference of F-24 and the birth certificate of the child are made out at your presence in day of the address.

3. After the reference of the spouse/spouse is added to above-mentioned documents, it is necessary to address to accounts department in the place of the work. There it is necessary to write the application addressed to the director with a request for charge and payment of a lump sum for the child's birth to the applicant. At the end of the statement one after another list what documents you attach to it: reference of F-24, birth certificate, certificate from work of the second spouse. Under the law, the grant has to be added and paid within 10 working days from the date of filing of application and related documents.

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