What dummy is the best of all for newborns

What dummy is the best of all for newborns

Disputes on advantage and harm of dummies are conducted not one decade, but for parents of a pacifier continue to remain the true assistants, especially when different ways to calm or distract the child do not work. The universal answer to a question of what dummy is better, cannot be as the choice in many respects depends on preferences of the kid, but knowledge of the main characteristics of modern pacifiers will help to simplify it.


1. Nipples differ by the size - they are adapted on age of the child: up to three months, about half a year, of a year is also more senior. There are dummies and for the small kids which were born before term. They have absolutely small sosatelny part and the facilitated design of the protective valve. Information on age purpose of a pacifier is usually specified on packing.

2. It is not less important to know, dealing with what dummy to choose, distinctions on materials. The most ancient material used for their creation is rubber, but it is gradually forced out by latex and silicone as the last allow to recreate a shape of a nipple of mother most. Choosing between latex and silicone, it is necessary to know that the first is less durable, though is more elastic to the touch. However, if to consider the recommendations of physicians to change nipples regularly as it is personal care product, then that the latex pacifier will serve the term, it is possible not to worry. By the form the latex pacifier rather dense, is painted in yellow color, and a dummy from silicone light and transparent.

3. Nipples and in a form differ. They can be tear-shaped, reminding berry, with a slanted side part, ortodonichesky, the most useful to formation of a maxillofacial complex. And here the best dummy that which to taste to the kid as not everyone prefers useful nipples, sometimes giving preference usual rubber therefore to guarantee that parental acquisition will please without practical tests, will not be able nobody.

4. Also can differ in appearance of a pacifier, but it is more a question of flavoring preferences of parents and their choice. They are transparent, color, to drawings on a plastic part or without that that allows to turn a pacifier into a fashionable accessory and to choose the as for the boy or the girl, so even under concrete color scale of clothes. Those dummies are quite convenient that are equipped with an additional accessory in the form of a lid for storage which allows not to worry that the pacifier will contact to surrounding surfaces, being taken out by the child from a mouth.

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