What is the time first labor lasts

What is the time first labor lasts

Primipara women are inclined to worry on that, childbirth what is the time can continue. To get rid of concern, it is better to talk over with the attending physician and not to strain itself nerves empty alarms before childbirth.

First labor is long-awaited and very disturbing event. The primipara woman worries about an outcome slightly stronger more often, than it is reasonable. Her alarms and disorders are explained first of all by uncertainty – unclear that should be worried. It can ask endlessly to itself the same questions concerning behavior at childbirth, their morbidity, duration. But especially here to worry there is nothing.

What is the time childbirth can last

Before was considered that at first labor this period has to last no more than 24 hours. Now these terms are considered to be a little others. According to doctors, at the birth of the first child quite normally when childbirth continues during the period till 18 o'clock. The average duration of first labor is 11-12 hours.

It must be kept in mind what factors on which the duration of delivery will depend can be very much. Almost it is never impossible to guess in the accuracy how many it will be required to time for the birth of the kid. Both the age of the pregnant woman, and the state of health of the kid and mom, and presentation is important. An important role is played also by psychological state of the pregnant woman, physiological features, medicines which were accepted by the woman, and many other things.

As count time of childbirth

The general time can be estimated from that moment as fights will begin before the afterbirth is born. Ordinary uncomplicated fights last about 10 hours. The initial stage can be in general imperceptible for future mother. The next stage will take about an hour – upon termination of the child will be born. After that there comes the third stage – its duration the smallest, is hardly more than half an hour. Here from the woman in labor efforts will almost not be required. In most cases the afterbirth leaves from one of fights which become much easier after the child's birth. It is possible to consider that childbirth is completed. In certain cases it is required to execute some more manipulations. For example, at childbirth there could be ruptures of tissues of crotch – in this case suture is necessary. And after the delivery bleeding will open – it is required to be stopped. To the woman put a hot-water bottle with ice on a stomach, still some time it will be in the rodzal. When first labor happens within 4-6 hours, calls them fast. At the smaller period it is already rapid childbirth. Lasting more than 18 hours childbirth is considered as long. Doctors in this case can make the decision to stimulate process by means of medicines or resolve an issue of carrying out operation of Cesarean section.

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