What is to pregnant women

What is to pregnant women

Throughout the entire period of pregnancy the female body changes. The needs for vitamins, minerals and other useful substances become others also. From food the construction elements are received also by the baby in mother's womb therefore the pregnant woman needs to plan the diet literally on days and weeks.

During pregnancy it is the best of all to eat more often, but gradually. It is good to divide day norm into five-six parts. During this period it will be more useful not to eat up slightly, than to overeat and feel weight in a stomach. Try to refuse marinated, smoked and fried food. Replace it with the stewed, boiled, baked and pareny dishes.

Do not eat unloved with you, but the recommended and useful products. During pregnancy it can become the cause of toxicosis that will not bring benefit to either you, or the child. Replace these dishes with others similar on structure, but which you have better.

In the first or second week of pregnancy eat ice cream and other desserts less. Use products rich with folic acid more. Treat them a green listovy salad and grain. Include yogurts, cheese, fruit of yellow color in the diet. Since thirds of week you need to receive a lot of calcium which contains in natural juice, broccoli, dairy products and green vegetables. Except this mineral, manganese and zinc are necessary for you. They contain in nuts, bananas, raisin, carrots, meat of a turkey, almonds, porridge, eggs, low-fat beef and pork. With approach of the fourth week of pregnancy it is necessary to refuse consumption of coffee completely. Since fifth week, there is a risk of appearance of toxicosis. In this case it is necessary to replace all proteinaceous products bean and nuts. Eat apricots, mango and carrots more. From sixth week have breakfast only crackers and crackers. Before going to bed eat raisin. Drink more, you do not stand thirst. During the seventh week of pregnancy refuse chips, cabbage and fried potato. Begin a breakfast on the eighth week with nuts, have ginger tea. During the ninth and tenth week replace rice, pasta and bread with the same products, but a rough grinding and processing. Avoid some sugar. Since 11-12 weeks, eat what is demanded from you by your organism. 13-16 weeks of pregnancy are characteristic the fact that it is necessary to choose more nutritious food. About 16-24 weeks include yellow pepper, carrots and cabbage in the diet. During 24-28 - try not to eat later, than in three hours prior to a dream. Use more nuts, fishes, sunflower seeds, meat, dark green vegetables, yogurts last month pregnancies. Eat more cereals, bread, vegetables in two weeks prior to childbirth. Do not refuse to yourself and in other food, only know when to stop.

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