What it is possible drops in a nose for newborns

What it is possible drops in a nose for newborns

Spring and fall — peak of catarrhal diseases. There are several options of treatment of cold, however not all of them are suitable for newborns. Has to make the diagnosis and appoint treatment the expert, however know about what medicines exist, it will be absolutely useful.

Having appeared in private with the sick child, you should not panic and ask for the help "skilled" girlfriends with a request to advise what drops to dig in the newborn's nose. Survey of the child by the doctor will allow to find out type of cold and to decide on way of treatment. So, for example, if the cause of a stuffy nose — an allergy, it is impossible to get rid of cold until allergen comes to light. In case the disease is caused not by banal cold, then drops with antibacterial action can be required.

"Harmless" drops in a nose

The amount of "harmless" drugs for cold in pharmacies blows the mind. However, despite instant effect which many of medicines give the dependence on them develops not less quickly.

The most harmless medicine for treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis it is possible to call Aquamaris. In its structure — only the sterilized sea water. Dyes with preservatives in medicine are absent. Newborns Aquamaris should dig in on 2 drops to five times a day in each nasal course. Sea water helps to moisten a cavity of a nose and to get rid of the formed crusts. As a part of vasoconstrictive drops of Nazivin - medicine which is rather often applied by mothers to treatment of cold at children - nearly all table of Mendeleyev. The amount of side effects is similar to quantity of the problems arising after application of Otrivin. In either case nasal breath is restored almost at once, but in several hours of allocation from a nose appear again. According to doctors, Otrivin it is possible to treat cold at babies at most 10 days then emergence of accustoming to medicine is possible.

The dependence on drugs, as a rule, develops for the third day after the beginning of intake of medicine. Babies are especially subject to influence.

The special attention among the drugs directed to treatment of cold at newborns is deserved by Salin. Medicine is effective and in the same times is absolutely harmless. In fact, it is usual physiological solution which can be prepared in house conditions. In a case with newborns of Salin, as well as other medicines produced in the form of sprays should be used with the pipette, digging in 1-2 drops of solution 1-2 times a day.

It is simple to prepare physical solution in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to take a salt teaspoon on liter of boiled water 1.

One more medicine applied in treatment of cold at newborns - Protargol. Drops possess the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and knitting action. Opinions of doctors and parents on efficiency and harmlessness of medicine were shared. The silver ions which are contained in drops are capable to be postponed in a human body and to cause a specific disease — argiroz. However, despite this, Protargol continue to use in treatment of cold. Medicine the newborn is dug in in each nasal course on 2-3 drops, 2-3 times a day for at most two weeks.

The task of parents is to facilitate a condition of the newborn

Besides listed there are some more dozen sprays and cold drops, however most of them can be used for treatment of children is more senior than 3 years. Before stopping the choice on any of drugs which principle of action is uniform — to eliminate cold by means of any given active ingredient, it is necessary to consult with the pediatrician. The doctor will make the right diagnosis and will help to pick up medicine which will be effective for the specific child. Before arrival of the expert a task of parents to facilitate a condition of the kid. For this purpose sometimes it appears to reduce enough air temperature indoors and to increase humidity. In family where there is a newborn, optimum air temperature in the room — 22 degrees. The nose of the child can be washed with physical solution without fears to do much harm.

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