What to do if parents shout at the child at your presence

What to do if parents shout at the child at your presence

Happens very difficult to observe a situation when the angered parents abuse, humiliate or frankly shout at the children. And we are lost between desire to answer the parent with the same or just to leave, without interfering.

Whether it is possible to lecture parents in such situation?

Probably, cases are different, and sometimes to put such parent into place - not the worst option. But after all it is better not to do so.

First, you do not know these people at all, you have no idea as even more embittered parent will react. Perhaps, to the child will get even more when they pass out of sight.

Secondly, who was not tired to full exhaustion. And whom children did not bring to delirium tremens? You besides cannot know what it is parents in general. It is quite possible that the relations in this family actually good, and this case outstanding. Mom and dad already feel (or will have) sense of guilt, helplessness and horror from the incident. And here still you will add.

Nevertheless there are ways with what it is possible and it is necessary to react in such situation.

1.      Switch attention to the child. Do not address the parent directly, address the child, try to calm him some insignificant phrase. A task here to reduce intensity of emotions, to show to the kid that actually it now not one around the world that it has if not a help then support. And the attention of the parent in that case with high probability will be displaced from blind aggression on the child and in general the world around.

Sometimes and to parents in such state it is useful to hear from outside that their child actually the good fellow. That others see it too.

How to make it?

  • And I like children who so well draw and are not afraid to be soiled
  • You ask very courageous and clever questions. Such people of much try to obtain in life. Well done!
  • You are the most beautiful girl in the world! Believe me.
  • You can even just wink or smile to the child that he understood, you on his party.

2.      Instead of reproaches offer the help. Sometimes it is necessary for parents literally a couple of minutes to recover. And sometimes it is even enough to hear that he is not condemned that it is understood that it not in private with the emotions.

  • Do you want, I will take it a little on hands?
  • I see how you were tired, I have several minutes, I can help something to you?
  • You not against if we with your son read the book?
  • Give, I will help you to inform of bags?

In all similar situations it is important to observe the main principle: what you did, the amount of good in the world has to increase. If our society is benevolent, everything will live easier and more safely. Including to our children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team