What to do if the baby has a lock

What to do if the baby has a lock

Presence of a lock at babies to many parents delivers a lot of disorders and experiences. Besides, the irregular chair at kids leads to discomfort and painful feelings. The child to become uneasy and whining. Therefore it is very important to know what to do in this situation.

Lock is the chair delay at the baby on the 2nd and more than a day. Children of 0-3 months a chair have to have 2-4 times a day. It is considered norm.

The lock at the newborn who is on breastfeeding is usually connected with the nature of food and it is considered the normal phenomenon. The children's organism well digests maternal milk practically without leaving the remains which are not capable to cause a chair. With introduction of a feeding up to such children the problem of locks most often passes.

The lock can be caused in the baby by a variety of reasons: a teething, the translation from breastfeeding on artificial, transferring of an infectious disease and also the psychological reasons. The last is that the child feels when parents worry that he has no chair and to draw attention to themselves ceases to be intensified. Therefore parents, never have to show the experiences in the presence of the child. The package of measures which includes is necessary for treatment of a lock at the baby: modification of its diet, use of laxative drugs, a vykladyvaniye of the kid on a stomach, massage of a tummy with circular motions clockwise and other. If locks at the child are followed by the increased gas generation and gripes, the baby can give special children's tea with fennel which is on sale in pharmacy or independently prepared dill water. For this purpose take 1 teaspoon (without hill) fennel seeds, fill in with boiled water and let's infuse. Give such broth to the child on 1 teaspoon before each meal. At a long lock the kid can make a cleaning enema. For this purpose mix warm water and vegetable oil in equal quantities. Before application oil needs to be sterilized. To be fond of this method, also as well as exhaust tubes do not recommend. Besides, for prevention or treatment of locks at the baby, it is possible to give weak prunes decoction instead of water. Even if the irregular chair does not cause discomfort and concern in the kid, it does not need to be disregarded. The long lock at the baby can lead to an intestinal dysbiosis, diathesis, rash and also local inflammatory process.

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