What to take in maternity hospital

What to take in maternity hospital

How not to become puzzled in a crucial moment and to take everything that is necessary in maternity hospital?

It is so much thoughts, expectations, alarms visits us in waiting time of the child that  we try to remove a question of the tranquility in maternity hospital on the last place. Nevertheless, preparation for this event should be begun on the sixth month of pregnancy, for the present you can get into the car or the bus.  

What documents are necessary at receipt in maternity hospital:

1.      Passport

2.      Health policy

3.      Prenatal record of the woman

4.      The maternity certificate (if managed to receive).

Things for the delivery room:

1.       And practical will be to buy the most convenient a special set in which there will be a dressing gown and a shirt with a possibility of feeding of the baby

2.       Rubber slippers

3.       Compression stockings

4.      Water 

5.       Some maternity hospitals allow to take the mobile phone with the charger.

Things will be necessary for mummy on postnatal office:

1.      Hairbrush

2.      Soap

3.      Toothbrush

4.      Toothpaste

5.      2 towels (for hands and for a body)

6.      Toilet paper, will be the best option damp

7.      Disposable overlays for a toilet bowl will be useful to those who will use the shared bathroom

8.       Bepanten cream

9.      The special absorbing sanitary products of the maximum size

10.  Postoperative disposable shorts

The package of things for the child has to contain:

1.      Pair of diapers

2.      Two caps

3.      Two overalls or two baby's undershirts and two pairs of a romper suit

4.       Warm socks

5.      An anti-mitten if they are not on baby's undershirts or overalls

6.       Wet towel wipes

7.      Diapers

You can take the small book not to miss at the moments of expectations.

It is also important not to forget tranquility and love for future kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team