Whether it is necessary to awake the newborn for feeding

Whether it is necessary to awake the newborn for feeding

At emergence in life of the woman of the child many questions appear. Likely, you will not meet the woman wishing consciously or not to do much harm to the child. Feeding — one of the major questions. After the birth the child has a mode consisting of a dream and feeding. But sometimes all mode gets off because of a long dream. Whether to awake the newborn for feeding or to allow him to build the mode — anyway the choice for mom of the kid.

In what cases it is necessary to awake the child for feeding

In certain cases it is just necessary to awake the newborn for feeding. First of all it concerns mothers whose kids badly grow fat. At a long dream the child receives less necessary useful substances. The critical shortage of weight can lead to decrease in development of the child. 

Also in the period of a neonatality of a neonatology and pediatricians recommend feeding each 2 hours. In the first 28 days it is just necessary to awake the newborn for feeding and for establishment of a lactation of mom and for development of the kid. At the same time often doctors recommend to put in the first days the child for one feeding to both breasts. 

If mom does not practice a joint dream with the child, then if the kid sleeps too long, it is better to wake him for feeding. If mom practices a joint dream, then the child can eat half-asleep.

If there was a laktatsionny crisis, then it is necessary to put the child to a breast as often as possible. Otherwise milk can fuse. 

If mom had an obstruction of dairy channels — laktostaz, then it is necessary to put as often as possible the child to a sore breast, without allowing it to be overflowed. In that case it is necessary to awake the newborn for feeding. Otherwise complications in the form of mastitis are possible.

It should be taken into account also that factor that what the child becomes more senior, intervals between feedings become that more. 

How to wake the child for feeding

That awakening of the child for feeding did not turn into a hysterics and nervous breakdowns, it is necessary to observe simple councils:

  • Each dream is divided into active and deep. When it is necessary to awake the child for feeding, it is necessary just to wait for an active phase and remove a blanket. As a rule, the child will at once wake up. If the kid did not wake up, then it is possible to stroke him along a body to legs. When the newborn opens eyes, it is better to take him on handles and to take a little. It is also desirable to change a diaper to the kid before feeding.
  • If to hold the child "column", having pressed to a breast, then it will surely open eyes. 
  • Some parents for awakening of the kid begin to sing some children's song quietly. But you should not turn on radio or the TV at all, to rustle strongly near the sleeping kid or to turn on the bright light. Such actions of parents with high probability will bring the child to a fright and a hysterics.
  • Strokings and massage on a back of the newborn will help to improve blood circulation and then the child will quicker wake up.

You should not worry that after awakening the child will arrange to parents "sleepless night". As a rule, having gorged on milk, the child quickly falls asleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team