Whether it is necessary to struggle with laziness

Whether it is necessary to struggle with laziness

Statement of question: Whether "It is necessary to struggle with laziness?" can cause bewilderment. It would seem, the answer is obvious. Of course, it is necessary! The laziness is a nasty, unworthy quality. From antiquity the popular wisdom said: "Idleness is the mother of all vices!" However not everything is so simple and obvious.

Whether and laziness it?

For a start it is necessary to understand a question: and what it is necessary to consider laziness? Here, for example, the person does not want to get up and go to work early in the morning. And then, after all having arrived to a workplace, carries out the duties carelessly, far not at full capacity. It would seem, any doubts here – the idler! But features of an organism, biorhythms at all people are strictly individual. And if this person treats "owls", it is really very difficult for it to get up early and enter a working rhythm. The peak of its working capacity comes in the second half of day.

In this case to reproach the person with laziness, to demand that he struggled with it, unfairly and senselessly.

It is better to try to agree with the management about change of the schedule of work. And if it is impossible, to think of search of other place, with more free schedule.

If the person on a biorhythm – "lark", but too persistently does not want to get up early in the morning, it not always demonstrates laziness. Perhaps, such "laziness" - an indicator of fatigue, an overstrain or a symptom of the beginning disease. And if to fight against it instead of having a rest or see a doctor, the health can do much harm. At last, the persistent unwillingness to rise in early hours can be because the person simply does not like his work! He feels strong psychological discomfort, being engaged in unloved business.

Then instead of by effort of will to overcome laziness, it is better to ask a question: "But whether not to change work?"

Examples of "useful laziness"

With many people of the house there live cats who by right are considered as very lazy animals. On average the cat sleeps about 18 hours a day! Nevertheless, she keeps cheerfulness and extreme concentration of movements, is ready to make a prompt throw at any time. If such example seems unconvincing (say, the cat after all an animal, and is about people), it is possible to refer to a position of the great inventor self-educated person Thomas Edison. Once, when it already became rich and well-known, its firm was visited by the specialist in optimization of work of employees. Having looked as they work, he advised Edison to fire one young man immediately. Say, this idler impudently dozes in a workplace moreover having put legs on a table! What Edison with a smile answered: "This guy thought up recently one innovation which brought me a lot of money. As far as I remember, then he was in the same pose".

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