Whether it is possible red caviar when breastfeeding

Whether it is possible red caviar when breastfeeding

For the newborn breast milk is the only food. The quality and safety of milk first of all depends on what is eaten by the woman. Not to do much harm to the child, the feeding woman should refuse many products. We learn whether red caviar is included in the list of the forbidden products.

Useful properties of red caviar

Red caviar — very useful and nutritious product. All properties of caviar are caused by its unique structure. Caviar contains water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, ashes, saturated fatty acids, group B vitamins, vitamins A, D, K, RR, is well-cared, macrocells potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, minerals selenium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese. Naturally, such structure will bring to the person only benefit.

This useful product increases immunity, improves sight, strengthens bones, vessels. It can be used as prophylactic from warmly — vascular diseases and as all-strengthening and giving strength at serious or chronic illnesses. It would seem, all this speaks well for the fact that the feeding women should eat caviar. For long pregnancy the woman spends many forces, and after the delivery it needs good nutrition. But not everything is so simple. It is necessary to understand still how caviar will influence the newborn's organism.

Consumption of red caviar in the period of a lactation

After the delivery the woman has an impressive list from the forbidden products. Seafood, citrus, red vegetables, fruit and berries because these products there are enough allergens are included in it and can cause allergic reaction in the kid. The bean, aerated sweet drinks, sweets and pastries because can cause the increased gas generation in the baby also get to it. Besides all is impossible salty, sharp, bitter and having specific taste and a smell because this smell and taste partially will appear in milk, and the newborn can simply refuse breast milk. After refusal of the baby to adjust a lactation it will be difficult.

Among all forbidden products of red caviar is not present, but there are salty products. Caviar is forbidden because it contains a large amount of salt and preservatives. The preservatives which are contained in structure of this product can cause allergies and not that caviar is a seafood. Caviar has no relation to seafood. A large amount of salt can change taste of breast milk. Also salt detains liquid in an organism, can cause hypostases, violations in work of kidneys, both mom, and the kid. A part of salt gets to milk. Therefore in the first months of life of the child it is better to refrain from consumption of red caviar and to fill the need for protein, vitamins, fats with other products. Consumption of red caviar during breastfeeding of a vozmozhnopra observance of certain rules.

Approximately since six months it is possible to begin to enter into mom's diet this useful product gradually. By this time already the feeding up of the child begins and milk becomes not the only product in a diet of the kid. It is possible to begin with several berries. The first time it is necessary to try this product in the morning, and to monitor during the day reaction of the child whether there were no gripes, rash, whether his health changed. If there are no negative reactions, then it is gradually possible to increase portions and to bring to 2 teaspoons a day (such volume is recommended in day to the healthy adult). Only at observance of all rules by mom, breast milk will bring benefit to the baby and will not do much harm to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team