Whether punishments for children are harmful

Whether punishments for children are harmful

It is often possible to hear that it is impossible to punish the child, especially physically. At the same time insist that it is necessary to be able to explain everything with words, and punishments injure mentality.

Such point of view, became widespread in the second half of the XX century. Benjamin Spock according to whose book many parents started raising children was her active popular writer. However now it became known that this measure works more in imaginations, than at practice. Especially began to pay attention to it when it became known that the son of Spock who is brought up in the spirit of this doctrine did not want to know the father and subsequently committed suicide.

Alas, it is the truth. The children who grew up in too soft situation are much more vulnerable mentally, than those who periodically were exposed to punishments. In communities, close to the nature, the physical punishments are a usual thing, and however mental health, both at children, and at more adult members of this society, much more surpasses health of the civilized fellows singing of the ideas of a non-violence. And it in spite of the fact that life of these people is much more rigid, than at residents of the cities.

Not severe physical severe punishment like a slap or slap in the face – the most widespread measure of education among these people. And we, had time, children could receive from the severe grandfather a spoon on a forehead for obscene behavior at a table. Subsequently these children grew up and made miracles, as in peace time and in the war, showing enormous vital firmness everywhere.

And the last researches conducted worldwide proved that condemnation of physical punishments, in particular and punishments in general, is the invention of modern society which harms more, than helps.

In primitive and patrimonial communities anything there is no similar as these people more trust practice, than foggy creation of civilized visionaries. Though, It should be noted also that public punishments, as well as brutal tortures what were in Europe during a religionism era (and which practice in the closed religious and totalitarian communities to this day) there also do not practice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team