Whether the little girl should pierce ears

Whether the little girl should pierce ears

Very often young parents do not know when it is necessary to pierce ears of the daughter, hurry to make it, hardly to the child half a year will be executed. And they do not know that at this age this procedure can have unpleasant, far-reaching consequences


1. Officially the medicine does not put age restrictions for piercing of ears to the child. And nevertheless experienced pediatricians advise to refrain from this procedure until until the girl is three years old. Reasons for that a little. First, in the first years of life in ears of the child the nervous terminations connected with eyes, language, a face and ears are formed, and doctors do not advise to finger them before three years as at early age from an unsuccessful puncture to cope with complications very difficult.

2. Secondly, you should not forget about what the baby cannot explain about a foreign subject in her ears. Having hooked for something by an earring, the girl risks to tear a lobe. Besides fresh punctures often scratch, and the child will finger auricles, than can hurt himself unconsciously.

3. And most important reason. Children's psychologists consider that to do a puncture of ears to the girl up to one year better as at this age she will easier transfer this manipulation with the body and will be frightened less. But they forget about the most important. The child of any age is a personality and therefore it is better to provide the decision on a puncture of lobes of ears to the girl when she grows up and will understand, what is it.

4. Irrespective of at what age the puncture of ears will be carried out, for success of business it is necessary to execute several usloviypra the choice of the place where this procedure will be carried out, it is better to stop on beauty shop in which there are qualified beauticians who are engaged in a puncture of ears to small children

5. Most often they use "gun". It is simple in use and is almost safe. The puncture is made by earrings needles disposable, by means of an ear lobe prostrelivaniye. The procedure is made quickly and almost without serious consequences. Time and an earring needle remains in a puncture

6. This method has one shortcoming. It is that the tool reusable. And let before each use "gun" is disinfected, full sterilization because of a number of its design features is impossible. Also there are "guns" disposable. It is the tool which is carrying out a puncture instead of a shot. Therefore, there is a drawing apart fabrics. It is possible to execute a puncture, using earrings - half rings.

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