Who constructed the magic screen

Who constructed the magic screen

Rather recently on the market of children's toys the novelty for training of children in drawing – the magic screen got. This toy allows to draw straight lines, both horizontal, and vertical, by pressing of handles in toy corners. At the same time the drawing can be erased over and over again and to start creativity over again. So who constructed the magic screen which became very popular among modern children and their parents?

The magic screen consists of the plastic casing, completely tight and covered with strong glass. Under glass there is an aluminum powder which stuck to it. When the child sets one of the handles operating the magic screen in motion, the cursor erases powder from glass, and on the screen the dark line appears. If to twist handles in turn, it is possible to draw a horizontal or vertical line, and at the simultaneous movement of handles the receiving a circle or the diagonal line is possible.

It would seem, the inventor who constructed the magic screen did not consider that on modern tablets and phones in various applications much more opportunities for training of children in drawing. However the toy found popularity thanks to obvious advantages: at the child the fine motor skills of hands develop, eyes are not tired of light and continuous flashing of the monitor. At the same time at the kid the persistence and sense of responsibility as when drawing it has no right for a mistake, to erase a part of the drawing are cultivated or it is impossible to return on several steps backwards. To begin to draw on the magic screen from the very beginning, it is necessary to turn it or to shake.

The toy with the original name "Etch-A-Sketch" was developed by the French electrician André Cassan in far 50th years. In several years the magic screen was put in mass production abroad, and in the eighties in our country without the consent of the author domestic copies for the Soviet children were released.

André Cassan was born in the suburb of Paris in family of bakers, but because of an allergy to flour it had to change a field of activity, so he became an electrician. The idea of a toy came to its mind at work. when, establishing a switch guard at the plant, he made on it a mark a pencil and noticed that on paper in which the guard was wrapped this inscription imprinted. Cassan began to experiment with the found property that led to creation of the magic screen which first prototype it presented at the Toy fair in Nuremberg in 1959.

André Cassan who constructed the magic screen is as known as the master of kites, the inventor of the magic screen in the form of a sphere and the game "Driving" representing the magnetic machine moving on the road drawn with the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team