Winter walk with the kid

Winter walk with the kid

The nature of magic is not studied, but than others can explain transformation of streets in winter season? One morning you wake up, go outside and fade with delight – everything froze and is dazzling the sun shines. From where does the mischief with which you go from the trodden path into little-used snow and you take couple of steps undertake? Admit, there is a strong wish to dive into a snowdrift and to roll about. But you adult!. So it is not accepted. Pleasant news: in the company with the baby all this is not even necessary!

Very first walk

At kids who were born in winter season, the mass of advantages. Such kids have stronger character and health. Here only mothers treat them as to helpless, weak beings, and preserve against everything. Including from fresh air. But even if the baby was born in the winter, and on the street subzero temperature, it cannot be deprived of fresh air.

To the kid week was executed? He can walk! Certainly, if on the street not below, than - 10 wasps. Duration of the first walk – 5-10 minutes. Time needs to be increased constantly. Especially for young mothers the producers of clothes developed slingokurtka (for the child in it to a jacket there are a separate hood and the place like a baby sling). Besides, the contact with mom allows the baby to feel protected.

The kid studies the world

Since that moment as the baby will learn to sit down independently, your walks will change. Now you will not lay the kid any more and you will not wrap up densely in an envelope. He does not sleep on the street any more, and is all eyes. You should take out him from a carriage, at the same time to move children's transport and to carry the kid in quite volume clothes … Familiar picture? We give the hint: the child needs fast change of pictures and intelligent occupation. That is mummy has to tell very fascinatingly about something and at the same time from time to time show something. You mold snowballs and let's them to the kid touch, draw a stick on snow various pictures.

We play snow

At frosty weather and lack of a sleet of the kid it is possible to let and allow to popolzat a little quietly to it. Only you watch that the baby did not sit in one place. Well and of course, leave similar experiments for the end of walk. 5-10 minutes – and at once home to be heated and dry mittens.

As for kids which already take the first steps, for them there comes the period of researches and opening. The bright kid also will get into a snowdrift, and snow will taste. Get from a carriage pallet the machine, a bucket, molds and sovochek and suggest the kid to construct a tunnel, to clear away a path. You watch that the kid did not take off a mitten, control their state. With you always have to be spare that at once after the games with the snow to replace them.

Alternate active and passive classes. After the child dug a little, suggest it to run about competing in speed.

Entertainments for the baby

 There is not a lot of entertainments for the baby in the winter, but mom dreamer will surely think up. Show to the tot as it is possible to arrange own snowfall. Let's touch a branch and to shake it a little. Pick up a little snow from a snowdrift and bring to a krokhotula, let will shake it on the earth. It is possible to organize a snow-white salute also. To throw up fluffy weight and to hold up under it cheeks.

One more feasible occupation for the baby – to insert small branches into snowballs which were stuck together by mummy. Only you watch that the baby with them it was not wounded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team