Why at pregnancy the stomach bottom hurts

Why at pregnancy the stomach bottom hurts

Unfortunately, pain in the bottom of a stomach during pregnancy is not a rarity. Generally this fact is connected with reorganization of functions of an organism of the pregnant woman. Undoubtedly, periodic pains can force to be nervous future mom. However, it is not necessary to worry ahead of time. It is necessary to consult with the doctor for identification of the causes of pain.

Pains at pregnancy from uterus stretching

The aching pains in the bottom of a stomach during pregnancy not always demonstrate presence of any pathology. Hormonal changes in connection with growth and development of the kid in mother's womb can promote appearance of such pains. Pain does not constitute danger if they have no intensive character and lasts long not. But in case of developing of severe, skhvatkoobrazny pains it is necessary to address immediately the gynecologist in view of the fact that these symptoms can mean the probability of threat of an abortion.

As a rule, at different stages of pregnancy of the reason of emergence of pain are various. On initial terms of interesting position of the woman of pain occur in connection with stretching and gradual shift of a uterus. Therefore most of future mothers during this period experience pricking and pandiculation in the bottom of a stomach. The second trimester of pregnancy has to pass quietly as muscles of a stomach are still not too stretched. Occasionally during this period the emergence of small nagging pains is allowed. But in case painful feelings have skhvatkoobrazny and constant character, then, in this case, it is necessary to see a doctor as it can mean threat of an abortion urgently.

In the third trimester the pregnant uterus so stretches because of the growing kid that begins to remove other internals. Thus, intestines significantly move and, respectively, this period can be followed by unpleasant feelings in the bottom of a stomach. Not to give excessive loading to intestines, it is very important to watch food. It is necessary to eat in the small portions, but it is frequent. And the diet has to be rich with enough vegetables and fruit.

Extra-uterine pregnancy and peeling of a placenta

Such painful feelings in the bottom of a stomach during pregnancy can develop for several reasons. At extra-uterine pregnancy at the woman sharp pains in the lower part of a stomach develop. Also there are bloody allocations, unconscious states, dizzinesses, nausea. It happens in view of the fact that the impregnated ovum is fixed in a uterine tube, without reaching the uterus. Finally, it can promote a rupture of a uterine tube that is very life-threatening. Nagging pains in the lower part of a stomach can mean premature peeling of a placenta. Generally it happens because of an injury of a stomach, a short umbilical cord, the increased blood pressure, a gestosis. The danger of peeling of a placenta consists in developing of internal bleeding therefore at severe and long pains it is necessary to visit the gynecologist immediately.

Other causes of pains in the bottom of a stomach during pregnancy

Sometimes there are situations which lead to termination of pregnancy. As a rule, it is promoted by constant stresses, excessive physical activities, a pathological or infectious condition of a fruit. At the same time the nagging pain appears in a waist, the blood, smearing allocations over time turning into severe bleeding begin. That is why it is important to provide to the pregnant woman medical care as soon as possible. Also aching pains in the lower part of a stomach can be because of the violations of digestive tract which are followed by an eructation, vomiting, nausea; divergences of bones of a basin; stretchings of an abdominal press and owing to preliminary fights. One of the reasons of painful feelings during pregnancy are surgical pathologies. There can be attacks of pancreatitis, intestinal impassability, appendicitis.

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