Why the baby negatively twirls by the head

Why the baby negatively twirls by the head

When the chest kid grows up, he constantly learns in new movements to twirl by the head, for example. Such behavior very much disturbs parents, they do not understand the reasons and do not know, it is just a step of development of the child or an occasion to address the pediatrician.

Possible reasons

Most of kids begin to wind the head about 5-7 months (also more advanced age is possible), a set of various factors can serve it. Of course, the baby can negatively twirl by the head and during the game, just enjoying the new ability, but nevertheless most often it indicates some problems with health of the kid. So, for example, can be the reasons of such behavior: - the increased intra cranial pressure;

- headaches, otitis, teething; - problems in a tummy;

- rickets. Pay attention to the general condition of the child, observe it, can it has also other characteristic symptoms. If the baby twirls by the head against the background of rickets, then it can be determined by the accompanying symptoms. Sweating of all body increases, and especially the heads, volosik are erased and drop out. It can bring to the kid strong inconveniences, here he also twirls by the head in attempt to scratch a nape. For prevention of this disease the pediatricians insistently advise all children to accept in addition vitamin D during the spring, autumn and winter period.

If your child suffers from problems with a tummy, then it reddens, turns, draws in legs, hardly goes to a toilet and in powerlessness twirls by negatively-headed.

Perhaps your kid chose a motaniye as-headed as a way to distract from some irritants, unpleasant for it, for example, of a teething or ear pains.

If you underwent full medical examination, and the doctor did not find any of above-mentioned diseases, then you should not worry, not always a motaniye the head - a disturbing factor, can it just it is pleasant to carry out new movements, to have a good time in such a way. Some kids even so rock to sleep themselves. Or perhaps the kid, doing so, just copies your gestures.

How to behave to parents

If the disease was revealed, then, naturally, it is necessary to undertake its treatment quickly. If is not present, then you should not pay a lot of attention to it.

Motaniye-headed in a dream can lead to a trauma therefore it is necessary to worry about safety of the child, to equip a bed with soft sides and to check fastenings.

Terrible dreams can provoke an unconscious motaniye the head in a dream, at these moments it is good to stroke gently the baby on the head or a back, your warm touch will calm the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team