Why the child does not eat

Why the child does not eat

Food for the child - a source of its vital forces for development and growth. Very often at children the appetite worsens, and they refuse food. In this case parents need to find out the reason of small appetite from the child as soon as possible.


1. Often the refusal of food at the child is connected with feeding against will. Because of violent feeding between parents and the child there is tension, and the children's organism begins to protest. It can be shown in the form of frequent vomiting and tummy pains, food becomes not a pleasant meal, but a persuasive problem. At the kid the mood is lost, and protective forces of an organism because of a constant stress decrease. For this reason you do not feed the child violently as it renders harm for health of your child.

2. The child can lose appetite and refuse food because of ignoring of its flavoring priorities. Therefore, reckon with his opinion and real requirements. If the child does not like a dish, then revise the menu, eat useful products and organize access to the kid to fruit, berries, nuts. Also successful laying, color scale can help. Thus, being guided by an example of parents, the child will subconsciously adjust the food priority.

3. Loss of appetite at the kid can arise because of a stress, for example because of change of a habitual situation or a quarrel between parents. Therefore, you feed the kid in a quiet situation, show patience and you do not hurry the child if he eats slowly. The possibility of a family meal will be the ideal decision, presence of messmates always improves appetite - and even children, indifferent to food, become big eaters.

4. The small appetite at the child can be tempted because of sharp changes in the menu. You enter new dishes into a food allowance gradually, since a small amount. Give time that the kid felt that changes have constant character. It is very important that the child fully ate, and food was the most various. But it is even more important that he felt like darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team