Why the child refuses a breakfast

Why the child refuses a breakfast

Very few children like to have breakfast in the mornings. It is necessary to understand a cause of failures.

The culture of acceptance of food in family

It is possible that it just is absent. Often happens that parents who hurry for work and have not breakfast, and have only a bite coffee and sandwiches. As a rule, children in such family follow an example of the mothers and fathers. In it the refusal essence also is. It is possible also that the school student has very densely supper and it is banal did not get hungry by the morning.

For this reason, the main food needs to be eaten during a breakfast and a lunch, and for dinner is only digestible food. In that case power generation stabilizes, and the mode of acceptance of food is normalized.

The nervousness of the child can affect appetite

The child can be nervous before difficult control or because of not readiness to a lesson. It is peculiar to children for whom their progress is not indifferent. If the child went to the first class quite recently, then the cause of failure can be in fear to be caused to a board or before the strict teacher.

To force the kid it is impossible to have breakfast at all, especially, when the cause of failure is not found out. The child can throw up on the way to school or directly in the most educational institution. Then the situation will only be aggravated.

One of ways for the solution of this problem, to parents it is possible to use. They should leave the kid alone with a breakfast. Let it be what will want. If the situation did not improve, to send the school student to hungry.

Any parent does not want his child to go to school, without having had breakfast. Nevertheless if to show a little patience, then over time the child all the same will begin to eat. The main thing not to insist, and only to provide to the kid time to stay with food alone.

If the parent does not begin to press on the child and to force him is, then everything will get better soon and the problem with a breakfast will be exhausted.

The school student does not like the cooked food

If the kid daily is the same porridge or he is forced to eat everything from a plate, then he can show a protest. It would be in that case remarkable to mom or dad to ask about desires of the school student or to decorate, diversify a breakfast.

Wrong day regimen

If the mode is broken, then the kid cannot wake up in time, and it affects the speed of collecting in school. Vryad at the child will be present appetite when it only opened eyes. Ideally, after awakening the pupil has to do exercises, wash, gather, be washed and only then sit down at a table. About thirty minutes of time are allocated for all this.

Cold or any other illness

Many forces are required from children on suppression of various diseases. Therefore if such danger exists, then at the child the appetite sharply vanishes. The parent needs to be disturbed by a condition of the child, to ask him on health. And in case of a disease to call the children's doctor.

In many families together parents and children can only have breakfast. Therefore you should not lose such pleasure. Acceptance of food needs to be turned into a meal and to enjoy it every day. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team