Why women do not want to give birth?

Why women do not want to give birth?

All women, irrespective of age and a social status, know that children are joy, but not everyone seeks to learn this feeling. It would seem what can be better, than raise continuation of and the beloved, observe how over the years the child develops, to preserve the kid against vital disorders?

Psychologists explain this behavior with several reasons. The most frequent — lack of a maternal instinct. Because of moral unavailability to devote all the time to education of the child, the woman does not see sense in giving birth to him. Often such relation to motherhood is directly connected with early age. In process of growing the views, as a rule, change.

It is not necessary to underestimate also importance of psychological features of the woman among which the egoism can prevail. Selfish relation can cause unwillingness to give birth to children. Many women just do not want to accept the fact that practically they should devote each free minute to leaving and education of the kid. And some girls do not want to become mom as very much are afraid of physical pain without which any process of childbirth does not do.

Common cause of refusal to become mother — careerism. The aspiration to build a career to the detriment of natural female purpose — one of the first reasons for which women do not hurry to get children. However the fact that it is not correct is not always recognized as them in due time. Only having achieved success in a professional field, the woman understands that no career achievements will be compared to the child's birth. Certainly, self-realization of the woman — an important factor. But you should not forget that any dizzy career development will not replace that feeling which can be felt, having for the first time taken on hands only the been born child.

Be impressed by information which regularly arrives from media, many women are afraid of physical inferiority of the future kid. But it is worth to remember that the risk of the birth of the unhealthy kid happens most often when future parents (especially mother) do not watch over the health and do not pay due attention to this aspect.

The uncertainty in own forces is also reflected in the decision of the woman to hold off motherhood. The unreliable source of income, differences in financial security, social vulnerability — all this is a barrier to the birth of the kid. Often the woman just is afraid that she will not be able to provide the child to all necessary.

Certainly, it is possible to look differently at such position of women — not to give birth, but men who do not divide this decision state all arguments and the reasons — excuses. The woman who sees the main sense in the child's birth will surely find ways how to provide it to all with the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team