How to accelerate loading speed

How to accelerate loading speed

Any who at least once faced need to use the Internet, knows that decisive factors at connection to network are the speed of loading and stability of connection. It is possible increase the speed of loading both Internet pages, and files when using a torrent clients or boot managers, using several simple recommendations.


1. For increase in speed of loading when using a torrent disconnect all existing messengers and also all applications which can use anyway the Internet at present. Disconnect all programs existing in the background. Open a task manager and turn off all processes which have the word ""update"" in the name - it is programs which download updates from network at present. Set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to one and turn off restriction on speed. Set restriction for return equal to one kilobit per second.

2. Using a boot manager, follow the same recommendations as when using a torrent client. Install the maximum priority for all loadings which work at present, the number of simultaneous loadings should be equal to unit. Do not use the browser before completion of loading and do not start applications which can use the operating connection to network. The less you use the third-party applications loading the channel of access to network the quicker the file will be loaded necessary to you.

3. If you want to increase as much as possible the speed of loading of Internet pages, you can or configure the browser, or install Opera Mini. Setup of the browser consists in shutdown of loading of pictures and also java and flash of applications. Use of the Opera Mini browser reduces quantity of traffic which you use, squeezing the volume of the page loaded on your computer. After sending request the page passes through the server where it contracts and after that goes to your computer. Try to use as little as possible connection to the Internet for downloading of information in the background, whenever possible disconnect all programs downloading additions at the moment of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team