How to accelerate opera

How to accelerate opera

Though many also select the Opera browser, paying a tribute to its speed, all the same there is an opportunity still to accelerate work of the fallen in love application. And it is not that case when best is oftentimes the enemy of the good. On the contrary, with Oper-oh there is always a wish to strive for perfection.

It is required to you

  • - the computer with Internet access and the installed Opera browser


1. The first what it is necessary to pay attention to, is automatic search in the local area network and automatic end of names which you enter in an address bar of the browser. That the computer did not begin to comb through all the data when you enter the name the website, just come into the Setup point in the menu bar. In the addition tab. Select item "Network" and disconnect necessary points.

2. It is a lot of speed and time it is spent for caching of all images which are loaded by your browser. It is impossible to disconnect this point, but it is possible to increase time before check by updates of images on the website from five o'clock by default It strongly will accelerate a system.
It can also be done on In the addition tab. Select the History item and in a corresponding line it is possible to select from a drop-down menu "each 24 hours" or in general "every week".

3. Can seem strange, but shutdown of the Turbo mode can accelerate work of Opera. It will help owners of weak computers and netbooks. The essence of the mode is in showing an image of the website or the drawing still before all contents are loaded from the Internet. And it takes away memory and loads the processor.

In a configuration enter Turbo in a search box. Disconnect Turbo Mode and click to Save.

4. It is also possible to reduce quantity of the URL addresses which are stored in the history of Opera. By default this quantity is 500 addresses. There is an opportunity and in general to switch off this option. But if history after all is important for you, then reduction of number of the addresses up to 100 or 50 will help.
All in the same In addition tab in the History point it can be done without problems. The main thing - do not forget to click "Save".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team