How to add money in a game Sims

How to add money in a game Sims

After an output of the first part of The Sims, a game became popular around the world. Electronic Arts (the studio which is engaged in development of a game) began to release periodically new parts, improving graphics, functionality and other parameters of a game. But the issue concerning adding of money in a game still remains topical.

Even if your character will constantly work, draw pictures or to play in the city park for money, there will not be enough means sometimes. The question of shortage of money rises an edge in the second and third part Simov and also add-ons for them. Sometimes players hardly make ends meet, trying to promote as soon as possible on service for the character.

For this reason different codes by means of which specifically taken family can add money were thought up. It is necessary to remember that in different parts and add-ons of the game The Sims, codes will be different.


Codes for adding of money in different parts of The Sims

To add money to family in a game, you will need to enter the special code. If it is necessary to add money to The Sims I, then it is necessary to use the klapaucius code or the similar rosebud code. Both codes will add to the family budget of 1000 simoleon. When you need to add bigger quantity of means, enter a combination of characters!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; etc. When using such code it is necessary to enter no more than 60 characters (otherwise the code will not work).

In The Sims 2 monetary codes absolutely others: for adding of 1000 simoleon it will be necessary to enter kaching and that the family grew rich on 50 thousand at once – Motherlode. In this part of a game the adding of money is more relevant as Sima earn much less in one game day. In the third part Simov codes on adding of money absolutely same.

How to enter codes?

If you want to enter the code on adding of money (in principle, as well as any other codes to a game), you will need to clamp at the same time the ctrl+Shift+ C keys (the sign of plus does not need to be clicked). After that in a corner of the screen there will be a line into which and it is necessary to enter the selected code. That chit earned, it is necessary to click Enter. If money is necessary for you again, it will be necessary to carry out the same manipulations.

And whether all this is necessary?

Many players add to the characters millions of simoleon and, as a rule, lose interest in a game. Everything that can be bought for money, is already bought, it is not necessary to seek to improve living conditions of family, to buy necessary household appliances, transport, etc. For this reason you should not use codes as all essence consists in gradual overcoming difficulties by characters, construction of the relations between sima and also achievement of the well-known "American dream" where any character has the big house, expensive machine and furniture, magnificent clothes, stable work and the loving family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team