How to add the message from twitter to itself on the website

How to add the message from twitter to itself on the website

To insert to itself on the website or the blog of the message from twitter, it is possible to use special purpose tools for webmasters. At the same time twitter allows to place on the resource both separate tweets, and a tape of activity entirely.

Placement of the film of activity from twitter in the personal blog allows your readers to learn that you use this social network. It, in turn, gives additional opportunities of communication with the audience.

Messages from twitter can be inserted both into a separate post, and in saydbar. Depending on the organization of the website or design of a template which you use the conversation thread can be almost in any place.


The widget in coded form represents HTML code. Having put it on the website, you receive the same interactive version of the public film, as on twitter. Visitors of the website will be able to subscribe to you, to repost your tweets, to add them to favorites, to answer you and to write the message, without leaving the website.

How to place a tape from twitter on Blogger

At first it is necessary to create HTML code. For this purpose it is necessary to come into the account in twitter, then to select the section "Setup" (is in a gear icon submenu). In a column that is at the left, under an avatar, it is necessary to select the line "Widgets". Now click "Create New". The new page will open. Select type of a tape which you want to place: for example, "Film by the user". If desired it can be configured in addition: change a subject, color of links and height. By default in the field "Name Users" your login will be registered. Further click "Create a Widget". The window with HTML code will appear. Copy this code (the Ctlr and C buttons at the same time). Now it can be pasted into the blog.

Log in in the blog in Blogger. Come into the subsection "Design", then in the top, side or bottom panel click the link "Add the Gadget". Select from the offered list of HTML/JavaScript gadgets and insert the text of the code into a window (Ctrl+V). Click "Save".

How to place a tape from twitter on Wordpress

In a format of the blog WordPress it is possible to add a widget in record or in a side column.

The copied code of a widget can be inserted into separate record of the blog in the Text mode.

It is possible to place not all tape, but the separate message. For this purpose in the lower right corner of each tweet there is an option "Place a Tweet".

Also the widget can be placed in a side column. For this purpose come into the WordPress console, then in the section "Appearance" select the Widgets item. Add a new widget under the name "Text" to a side column, having inserted into it the copied code.

In certain cases can be required to change the sidebar.php file because it controls all widgets in a side column of the website. If it is difficult for you, then it is possible to use some plug-ins, having installed them on the website: Recent Tweets, Rotating Tweets, MP Tweet List, miniTwitter.

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