How to block a chat

How to block a chat

Shutdown of function of a chat on different social networks and games is carried out in different ways. Nevertheless, it is possible to select some basic actions remaining invariable in most cases.


1. For shutdown of a chat of Gmail open the menu of settings, having clicked with a character of a gear and specify the Settings of Mail point. Go to the Chat tab and specify the option "Switch Off a Chat". Use the Save Changes button for closing of a window of a chat.

2. Use the official village of the iGoogle settings to block a chat and go to the General tab in the main section. Specify the Hide a Chat command and confirm the choice, having clicked "Save".

3. Enter an account name in a text box of the search string of a chat of Google to block the certain user and use the Chat button in the opened dialog box. Pay attention that the selected user will not be informed on the performed operations. Reveal the menu "Activities" in a window of a chat and specify the Block command.

4. Open a window of a chat of Yahoo for blocking of messages from the selected user and use the Block the Sender button in the top service panel. Close a chat window, having clicked with a character [x] in the upper right corner of a window. At emergence of a window of a chat of the user trying to begin communication use the Block the Sender button on the service panel. Pay attention that for blocking of the user from the directory of contacts Yahoo Messenger it is necessary to delete it from the list of friends previously.

5. Load and install on the computer the customized application of Dota Console Hider for blocking of the selected user in Dota chat. Start the application and specify path to the Dota card in a top line of a main window of the program. Specify a full path to the folder storing files of WarCraft in the line WarCraft Path of the section Extra and apply a checkbox in the field of Add Hide Chat option. Confirm the choice, having clicked Go and save the made changes by clicking of the Apply Extra button. Uncover the Options menu in a window games and pass into the Game point. Expand the Language node and apply a checkbox in the line Hide Chat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team