How to block visit of the website

How to block visit of the website

Often happens that the PC user needs to limit access to certain Internet resources. Prohibit visit of the different websites for your child, for your workers at office at technological level it is quite possible, it is only necessary to use administrative receptions or a certain software.

It is required to you

  • - anti-virus system (KIS, Eset, etc.).


1. For this purpose to block access to the websites it is possible to go different paths. One of them consists in editing the hosts file. For a start open this file. It is in directory X: windowssystem32driversetc (where X — the letter undressed in which your Windows operating system is installed, usually, it is Latin letter C). Open this file the Notepad program or other text editor. For this purpose right-click on the hosts file, find a line "Open with the help" and select the necessary program.

2. After that the hosts file will open in the text editor, copy the link to the blocked resource. Come in the editor of the text and put the cursor the last line (for this purpose click after the word localhost and click Enter). Write to this line or copy IP address from the last line. After these digits click Tab or leave as much places how many and on the previous line. Insert earlier copied link without protocols (i.e. www or http) and save the file.

3. Other method of blocking consists in use of special services in anti-virus systems. One of them — Eset antivirus. For blocking of certain Internet resources with its help come into the section "Protection and Internet Access" where find an option with the list of the blocked addresses in category of management of the addresses. Having clicked "Add", enter the necessary address of the blocked resource.

4. The anti-virus Kasperskiy Internet Security system has a similar service also. For blocking of the undesirable websites by means of KIS open a window of an antivirus and in the menu, holding the left position, click "Parental control" a line. The following step select the account (administrator), open the Visit of Websites tab, check opposite to a line "Include control". After that press the Exceptions button and add the necessary Internet addresses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team