How to change the domain on the server

How to change the domain on the server

Right choice of the domain – the website key to success. It is important not to make mistakes when choosing the name of a resource, otherwise it can badly affect its advance. But there are such situations when a name at the website good, but it it is necessary to change.


1. Change of the domain is carried out for various reasons. Perhaps, because of change of the owner, reorganization, hit of the website under the filter of search engines. Usually if the resource gets under AGS (filter), then it can be pulled out from there. If for this reason you want to replace the domain, think whether it is worth changing at once the name of the website or to try to correct all errors which resulted from the wrong optimization? Continue to place unique qualitative, competent articles on a resource. Buy links on other websites. Of course, there can pass a lot of time before you achieve any results. The most unpleasant is that there is no guarantee of removal of the filter. If you do not want to spend the time and money and to wait for some changes, read further.

2. Select the new domain, transfer the website to it. For this purpose undergo process of registration and prescribe DNS in wait time of delegation. On a hosting tie the name to a resource. Then configure a redirect. For this purpose state in the .htaccess file which is in the root directory of the website, the following: RewriteRule (. *) RewriteEngine onOptions http://домен/$1 [R=301,L] +FollowSymLinksSdelayte it not to lose the readers: they, passing on old URL, will be automatically redirected on new.

3. Do not forget to rewrite the domain in the robots.txt file. In order that search robots indexed the website finding to the new address add it to Google quicker. Webmaster and Yandex. Webmaster. It is necessary in order that searchers knew both old, and new URL. It will allow to make indexation of the pages which are absent on an old resource quicker.

4. On the old domain configure the Error 404 page. Notify guests of the website that the resource moved to the new address. After you execute all steps, expect when search robots index your website with the new domain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team