How to clean a Chrome browser cache

How to clean a Chrome browser cache

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It is rather simple in use, quickly loads pages, and search queries can be entered in an address bar at once. And, certainly, as well as at any other browser, at Google Chrome it is periodically necessary to clean a cache.


1. All browsers including Chrome, during the work store a part of information on the hard drive. It allows to load earlier viewed pages quicker, saving not only time, but also money of users with pomegabaytny rates. Sometimes there can be a need to clean a cache to make room on the hard drive and to increase the speed of operation of the computer.

2. At each browser the system of cache flush. To make it in Google Chrome, you need to execute the following sequence of actions: close the browser, having clicked the cross located in the program window upper right corner and then reopen it with one empty tab. Select "Google Chrome control settings" in the main menu of the browser. Then click "Clean data of viewings" (it is "Clear browsing data"). Also these actions can be replaced with Ctrl+Shift+Del key shortcut.

3. In the opened window with commands to put ticks near the following items: clean the history of loadings, clean the history of viewings, clean a cache, delete cookies. Also on your discretion you can delete the saved passwords and clean data of forms. After that select the period for which you would like to delete information, and click "Clean data of viewings".

4. It is possible to clean a cache of Google Chrome and in a different way. In the right top part of the browser click a wrench. In the opened window select "Parameters", and in the following window – "Expanded". Further you need to click "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages" then to you the Clean Data of Viewings window will open. Then you, as well as in the first way, will be able to select those points which you would like to delete.

5. If you decided to refuse operation, use the Close button to leave the menu of settings.

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