How to clear of mines a bomb in cs 16

How to clear of mines a bomb in cs 16

Counter Strike 1.6 – one of the most popular team shooters in which opposition between terrorists and security officers is conducted. One of plots consists in explosion of an object. Security officers can win only if they manage to clear of mines a bomb or to destroy all terrorists.

As soon as the round begins, you need to buy nippers for mine clearing of a bomb. They allow to save time twice (15 seconds instead of 30). Remember that you have only 10-15 seconds to execute purchase. Otherwise you will be able to pick up nippers only from other player. However it not always is possible.

The strategy of a game is that it is necessary for you as it is possible to protect more carefully places of a bookmark of a bomb and to take the best positions. As a rule, in a command select one person responsible for mine clearing. The others cover it during this process or lift nippers in case of his death.




If the card assumes two points for a bomb bookmark, then it is necessary to use prospecting tactics. In this case on one player run on each zone, and the others take a convenient position in the center of the card. As soon as the intelligence agent notices approach of enemies, he gives a signal to other command, and they move forward on protection.

If the place for a bomb bookmark one, then it is necessary to organize protection at once. Select the most successful points. It can be both shelters, and the open areas which are ideal for an unexpected meeting of enemies. Remember that the priority is not mine clearing, but extermination of all opponents.

Useful tips

If a bomb nevertheless was planted, then it is necessary to work very carefully. Attentively examine each corner as opponents after installation will surely try to hide. Having made sure that there is nobody nearby or having eliminated all opponents, you can start mine clearing. Approach a bomb closely and clamp key "E". Remember that having released the button even for a second, you should repeat the procedure again.

Happens that all your allies are eliminated, and you remain in private with the planted bomb and opponents. In this case you need to go on cunning and to try to take away in every way enemies further from a bookmark. For example, you can specially rustle or use light and smoke grenades. The last, by the way, can play to you good service. Having closed the overview near a bomb, you can imperceptibly make mine clearing for enemies.

In situations when you do not have enough time for neutralization of a bomb, it is the best of all to take cover somewhere. If you do not manage to escape rather far, can kill your character with explosion and you should buy equipment again. Having found a secluded point you not only save weapon and armor, but also you will not damage to yourself the account.

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