How to configure a proxy for ICQ

How to configure a proxy for ICQ

There is a category of messengers which can successfully work even if the computer is not connected to the Internet. In this case it is necessary to configure correctly connection settings via the proxy-server.


1. It is the simplest to configure connection with the proxy server in the QIP program. It is the excellent free analog the ICQ utility working with identical data transfer protocols. Download the suitable version of the program from the website

2. Install the application and start it. Enter your UIN and the password. Wait for opening of the contact list. Press the Open the Main Menu button. Usually it is located in the lower part of a working window. Select the Connection Settings item.

3. After opening of the new menu select in the field "Proxy Type" the parameter (HTTPS). Enter the address of the necessary resource or the computer in the Proxy server field. Surely specify port through which it has to be carried out given connections.

4. If the proxy-server is password-protected, then select a checkbox near the Authentication point. Fill out the graphs "Login" and "Password". Activate the Support Connection function and click Ok. Restart the program and wait for installation of contact with the proxy-server.

5. If you prefer to use the standard ICQ client, then after its start click "Settings". Pass into the Settings of Parameters of Connection menu.

6. In the field "Proxy Type" select the Http parameter. Activate the Use Fayervoll point. Fill the Khosta field, having entered into it the IP address or the link to the proxy-server. Specify the port number. Fill the Authentication submenu if access to the proxy-server is password-protected. Click Ok and restart the program.

7. For setup of connection via the proxy server in the Miranda program open the Options menu and select the Network tab. Fill out the offered menu as it is described in the previous two options. Remember that your computer should be in one local area network with the proxy-server if the equipment has no Internet access.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team