How to configure dns the Internet

How to configure dns the Internet

DNS means "domain name server". Setup of this server requires the thought-over actions as errors or inaccuracies can lead to the fact that the configured website in network will become unavailable. The records A, CNAME, etc. are subject to setup.


1. Access to the DNS settings can be got in the corresponding menu of the control panel of a hosting. Usually this function is called DNS Menu or even just "DNS Setup". The table of host and the corresponding records DNS surely contains the Host Name and Record type fields. At introduction of record it is necessary to remember that the host name can be written completely with an obligatory point on the end ( or just in the form of a subdomain (pimer) without point. Both options are valid.

2. In the following ambassador of a name the field it is necessary to select a record type. Different record types are used depending on the purpose. The record type And regulates establishment of compliance between a host name, being in the domain, and the IP address corresponding to it. For example, that entered the name on the home computer with IP, it is necessary to enter record in the Host name field of, in "Record type" And, in "IP address" respectively. And the point after a host name is obligatory, and after the IP address is not necessary.

3. A record type of CNAME (Canonical Name) that means "an initial name", allows to assign to a host a mnemonic name or an alias. Record CNAME in the presence of A needs to be understood so: the mnemonic name gives the chance of access to the domain to the alias address, that is Thus, it is possible to create a mnemonic name in the form of a domain name of the third level, for example, of, for the website located on At the same time the domain should be "parked" on any server. It is for this purpose convenient to use servers of the logger which are usually provided free of charge.

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